In Case You Missed It: National Night Out, 2013

National Night Out, 2013 IINational Night Out came and went.  And in many ways, it was just as it was last year–and the year before that, for that matter.

But that wouldn’t do it justice, would it?  More of the same isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though.  And in fact, the consistency is refreshing.  We now know that a 150+ crowd is not a fluke; it’s the norm.

What’s more impressive, though: routinely drawing that many people, or filling a night in an otherwise average park with great entertainment, amazing energy, and a community connectivity that leaves folks wanting more?

Probably the latter.  And in some ways it’s a shame that we don’t make it happen more.  Well maybe we should–but more on that later.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.

Asphalt and grass.

National Night Out, 2013 IOh, and music.  Good music.  The Kinky Brothers performed smartly, providing good soul and funk to dance to, nod your head to, and/or watch others do what inhibitions wouldn’t allow you.  And the asphalt and grass?  It became part dance floor, part over-sized picnic ground, and part magical oasis sandwiched between Foster, Powell, and SE 82nd.

And, yes, magical things happen here.

Ok, maybe I’m hyping things a bit too much.  Or maybe I’m being a tad overzealous.  But isn’t that what’s helped transform the neighborhood–at least a little?

Alright, so about that transformation.  That energy you see on a daily basis when your neighbors are gardening, walking their dogs, eating/drinking on Foster, playing with their kids at the park, National Night Out, 2013 IIIsharing a barbeque, building community gardens, and/or fighting for a safer and more beautiful Foster Road–that’s the energy that was wrapped up and delivered with a Kinky Brothers soundtrack last Tuesday.

So whether you were curious about the loud music and wandered your way down. Or came for free Ben and Jerry’s. Or wanted a burrito from Bar Carlo when they’d normally be closed. Or wanted to get to know your Neighborhood Association members who tabled the event, along with Lily Day Cafe, the Phix Barbershop, and others. Or simply wanted an evening to hang with your neighbors. This was an evening for you.

So come back next year, will ya?

And in the meantime, there’s much community spirit and energy to be harnessed.  We’ve seen it before: block parties, barbecues, art walks, pub crawls, and even impromptu children’s parades stomping down SE 63rd.  So let’s keep it alive until next year.

Who’s hosting?

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2 Responses to In Case You Missed It: National Night Out, 2013

  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks for covering the night with great commentary and pics! I would love folks to leave any comments here or send to on how we can improve the event and/or switch it up a bit. With the right volunteers, we can make anything happen!

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