Happy Weekend, FoPo!

I hope a lot of you made it out to Kern Park on Tuesday.  FoPo definitely took ownership of the neighborhood for National Night Out.  Much love to the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association for organizing it, all the vendors, and The Kinky Brothers for their live music.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– There are still a few days left of “Portland Burger Week.”  That means you can eat more Kimcheeseburgers or, if you haven’t already, try one for only $5.00 at Foster Burger.  From experience, I will say they are delightful.  Here’s what you’re looking at if you go:  “A hand-formed all natural NW beef patty topped with bacon, kimchee, pepper jack cheese, American cheese, and a spicy cilantro aioli all on an An Xuyen bun.”

– Is anybody else fed up with the produce selection at Freddy’s on Foster?  Shit, man, it can be pretty bad sometimes.  Hopefully it’s not just my bad luck.  And after all the friendly smiles and, more importantly, free samples at New Seasons and TJ’s, I can’t help but feel a little depressed after a shopping trip there.  So where’s everyone else going?  Portland Fruit and Produce?  International Meat and Sausage?  Paldo?  Or simply outside of the n’hood?

– I’m told that Nayar Taqueria will have its grand opening tonight.  Yes, that’s one more place to eat in the neighborhood.

– Some interesting developments on the Bobwhite Theatre front.  Check out the most recent comments on our last post about the theater here.  One can only hope something’s brewing.

– Bikini Dog and Car Wash in front of Devil’s Point, Sunday at 2pm.  Food from the carts, music, and a benefit for the Family Dogs New Life No Kill Dog Shelter.

Use It Again– Anybody want to buy a thrift store?  Well, first, did anyone know there was a thrift store at 58th and Foster?  Well there is, er was, er may continue to be if someone wants to buy it.

– Cunning Wolves plays tonight at Torta; Otherwise Happy and Lee Ellen Reed play pop-folk at Starday.  On Saturday, Joe Elles has a CD release party at Torta; Rich McCulley plays at Gemini.

– Don’t forget Foster Art Night is next week, which also means readings and art at the Foster Road Salon, which also means it’s N.W.I.P.A.’s one year birthday party, which also means there’s a work party at the FoPo Community Garden, which also means there’s Crafty at the Carts, which also means there’s some weird SPAM cook-off at the carts, too. Ok, got it?  Good.

Have a good weekend, y’all.  Be cool, be safe.

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8 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. Spiffy says:

    don’t get produce at Freddie’s when Portland Fruit Company is awesome and right across the street… they even put in the rapid flash beacon to help you get there…

  2. Alex Reed says:

    I get most of my produce from An Dong market on Powell. Their quality is somewhat better than Freddy’s and their prices are way lower (Avocados – 59 cents! Limes – 5 or 10/$1! Red peppers – $0.79! Pluots – $1.09/lb.!)

  3. Spiffy says:

    new taqueria! woohoo! I’m so there!

  4. Nicole says:

    I started getting weekly produce deliveries from Organics to You years ago. You do not control exactly what you receive, as it is dictated by seasonal availability, but it can force a little kitchen creativity! Otherwise, for the odd side purchase, it’s either New Seasons or whichever farmers’ market is most timely. The FM selection is puny, at best.

  5. meggiekate says:

    Another FoPo weekly event – Every Friday at 6pm Fat Yoga hosts community yoga (donation suggested) and at 7:30 they have Well Rounded Readers book club. Currently discussing the book Fat Shame through the month of August.

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