Get Your August Before Your August Gets You

It’s going fast.

Fortunately September is nice, too, but August will quickly disappear if you blink long enough.  Don’t let it happen to you.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the next few weeks look like in the ‘hood:

National Night Out is tomorrow, August 6.  Sorry to spring it on you last minute (that is, if you didn’t notice all the other reminders), but there’s this really cool event at Kern Park and, like, lots of people will be there.  And a band will play really cool music and stuff, and like…you should be there. It’ll be, like, really pretty fun.  Seriously, you should be there.

Portland Burger Week, this week.  The Merc has teamed up with some other sponsors to, presumably, market another event and encourage you to spend money.  Oh, but also to support local businesses (sorry, only those in the burger business—well, the ones that are already well known) and do something funky at your neighborhood’s burger joint (if your neighborhood’s burger joint made the list, that is—I promise this isn’t supposed to be discouraging).  So, since Foster Burger has joined the ranks of top-tier burger joints, you Bikini Car Washcan eat their Kimcheeseburger, made special for Burger Week, all week long for just $5 a pop.

The 7th Annual Bikini Car Wash, August 11.  Who else, but the wholesome folks at Devil’s Point?  This is mostly a cautionary note, as it may lead to some rubbernecking on Foster.  It’s also for a good cause, though.  So if you need your car washed, you want to support the Family Dogs New Life (no kill) Shelter, need some Sunday afternoon T & A, or all of the above, Foster Road has you covered. Starts at 2pm.

Foster Art Night, August 17 (and every third Saturday of the month).  No lineup yet, but you know the deal: visit all (or as many as you can handle) your favorite watering holes, get liquored up, and pretend to look at art. Or, if you really want to support the arts, please do—there is usually good stuff to be viewed and purchased.  That’s right, you can support your local artists by buying a piece.  This is a way underrated and under-particpated event, but well worth your attendance (this video from Foster United says it all).  And if it’s true, you dig the arts, fully immerse yourself with music, readings, and the photography of Dave Lutz at Foster Road Salon.  Be prepared to read, or at least encourage those that do…and again, support your artists.  There will be good conversation with a dab of the eccentric, sexy, and progressive, whilst drinking and enjoying the arts.  Bring a bottle of wine and/or food to help keep the vibe going.

One Year Birthday Celebration at N.W.I.P.A., August 17.  What a coincidence—the same night as we’re already encouraging you to drink to your heart’s content.  This is not a paid add, but you should definitely pop in, congratulate them on their first year, Princess Brideand enjoy music, food, and a pint.

– Movies in the Park is Wednesday, August 21.  East FoPo, what’s happnin?  Essex Park brings the noise with Princess Bride.  The movie starts at dusk, but get there early to find a seat, lay a blanket, and catch pre-movie entertainment starting at 6:30.

FoPo Community Garden Work Parties, August 17 and 24.  Help your neighbors piece together the raddest community garden in FoPo.  Ok, it’s probably the only one in FoPo, which makes it that much more important.  Noon to 5pm.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  There may be other events, block parties, and random happenings to further fill the calendar.  And as always, there are the morning brunches at Bar Carlo and Lily Day Cafe; afternoon happy hours at (take your pick); music sessions at Torta, Gemini, O’Malley’s and Starday; morning coffees at Pieper and Speedboat; role-playing at Red Castle; gardening via A-Boy Garden Center and/or 7 Dee’s; and the list goes on.

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