Smokey’s Gussies Up

Smokey's RenovationSmokey’s is known for many things.

It’s the bar across from Slingshot.  It’s the bar with the best burgers on Foster, but probably not.  It’s that relic inhabiting the odd angled corner at Center and not quite 56th.  It’s also that bar that you forget to go to, but will sorely miss when bars like it don’t exist on Foster anymore—no pretense, nothing fancy, just your old fashioned watering hole.

Now it’s all of those things, but a gussied up version.

Smokey's Renovation IIPeep it…

New wood-panel siding.  New paint job.  Even a logo of sorts.  And it doesn’t look half bad, either.  If anything, that little triangular corner of Foster just got a little nicer (though I might miss the forlorn look in a weird kinda way).

Alright, we need to get to know Smokey’s a little better.  Who’s writing the review?

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3 Responses to Smokey’s Gussies Up

  1. emilypf says:

    I just moved into the neighborhood (blocks away from Smokey’s). Always weary of the facade, I stuck to the Slingshot…but that new siding has been catching my eye and my “oohs” every time I go by. I might take on the review (gulp).

    Keep up the grand work on this blog!

  2. Matt says:

    It is not a bad place to grab a cheap beer. Very friendly bartender, who knows tons of old Portland and Oregon history. It is what it is. Have not been in since the new facade, but the interior was pretty run down when I have been in there. Has it’s own set of regulars like any other bar. The burger mentioned may not be “the best” but it is hardly the worst in town. Fresh crisp hand cut veg, the guy takes care in constructing a decent bar burger even if the meat itself might not be that great. It satisfies a late night drunk need for filler. Hopefully it can retain it’s honest blue collar charm as the area continues development.

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