Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Is it me, or has the weather this summer been next to perfect?  In years past, we’ve either had a late start, lingering clouds, or unbearably hot days.  This year, we’ve managed to stay under 90 degrees, but not dip too low into the 70s either.  We hope it’s suiting you well, too.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We hope you made it out for last weekend’s Foster Art Night.  Many a friend and neighbor did their Foster boogie, but plenty are also missing out.  If you haven’t already, come out and play every third Saturday of the month.  And if you do, bring a friend and tell your neighbor.  You don’t even have to like art—your love for alcohol will suffice…just kidding (not really).

– The folks at Wild Lilac are holding a rummage sale this weekend to raise funds for their program, which is taking shape at 74th and Center.  If you have items you can donate, dropoffs will be accepted at the entrance of the school.  Also of interest are folding tables to aid in the sale.  Oh, and this may be a good opportunity for bargain hunters looking for some good buys.  Any money spent will go to a good cause—word is, they’re trying to buy a mini bus for the program.  The sale runs from 9a – 6p, July 27 and 28.

– The Stakeholders Advisory Committee met yesterday to discuss the Foster Streetscape Plan.  They’re still a couple months from making any formal recommendations, but a few revealing points:
* There’s a potential $2 million in additional funding available for the project (through STIP funding), so long as the grant application proves the need is greater than other metro area projects.  A decision should be made on that within the next couple weeks.
* The feedback PBOT/PDC received at the FLIP open house in June indicated overwhelming support for a three-lane configuration for Foster.  In short, this would transform the current two-lane-in-each-directions setup, and narrow it to one lane in each direction with a center turn lane.  This would then provide for the addition of bike facilities and retain sidewalk space and parking, while also shortening the distance pedestrians would have to cross as they venture Foster.
* Lents Neighborhood Association Chair and SAC member, Nick Christensen, who has long advocated for maintaing travel times on Foster and opposed the three-lane option, stated that he’d accept such a configuration only if  the sidewalks east of 82nd were expanded to 14 feet from their current five-foot width.  If you’ve walked that stretch of Foster, you’d know the need for widening the sidewalks is obvious–and they should be at some point.  And any improvements to Foster should be equally distributed.  However, all talk of moving curbs on Foster in this plan has shown to be cost prohibitive.  Thus, the give and take offer may not be as genuine of an acceptance as one would think.  It is unknown if this is the official position of the Lents NA, or residents in general.  If this is the course of action taken, though, hopefully Mr. Christensen and PDC would be on board with directing more Urban Renewal money toward the project, as designated streetscape funds are quite limited at this point.  I think all would be in favor of that, and it would allow the scope and potential of the project to be expanded–something we’d all be happy about. 

– Have you been checking out Wednesday night movies at Bar Carlo?  I know, you just go for the brunch.  Well, you’re missing out then.  In addition to Wednesday night movies (think Lord of the Rings and Dragonslayer), there’s also Thursday craft nights and depending on which series is running, you may get a Sunday (think Mad Men) or Monday treat (think Big Gay Mondays w/Rupaul’s Drag Race), too, though you’ll have to check on the latter two.

– Live music, Friday:
* Eric Vanderwall at Torta; Amber Harlan Granmo at Gemini
* Keoni w/Ambient Love Lounge at Torta; So To Speak at Gemini
(O’Malley’s and Starday Tavern often have music, too, just not always announced in advance…they’re certainly worth checking in on)

– Just to keep it on peoples’ radars—National Night Out is Tuesday, August 6.  FoPo turns it up yearly for an annual party in the park with food, live music, and vendors, so please come out and support/get to know your neighborhood.

Let us know what we missed, folks…and have a good weekend!

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. Spiffy says:

    “Nick Christensen, who has long advocated for maintaing travel times on Foster and opposed the three-lane option”

    ” It is unknown if this is the official position of the Lents NA, or residents in general.”

    Nick is for maintaining the status-quo for motor-vehicles… the position of the residents is quite the opposite, they want wider sidewalks and less deadly motor-vehicle traffic…

    Nick needs to change sides and get on-board with the people if he wants Foster and Lents to thrive…

    • In my humble opinion, I too think Foster (and that means the Lents Town Center, too) would benefit from fewer and slower cars. And if more people are walking and biking as a result, all the better. I hope it doesn’t become too political, causing progress to be impeded.

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