Sunday Kickball

Ok, fine, a slow Monday.  Still, how rad is impromptu neighborhood kickball with strangers?  Probably somewhere between pretty and very.

And if someone happens to be handing out margaritas in a can?  All the better.

#KickBall #KernPark #FoPo #Rad #MargaritasInACan

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4 Responses to Sunday Kickball

  1. Janey says:

    Did I miss this? Will it happen again next Sunday?

  2. Sarah Pearlz says:

    My sister just moved into the neighborhood, and we were staying with her; my son and husband were recruited into this game. It was totally awesome! The extended family replete with three yippy dogs were some of the nicest, funniest people I’ve chanced upon in a while. Made me super excited for my sis and brother in law…what a great neighborhood! (my husband also wants credit for his two unassisted double plays, though I recall him “accidentally” hitting one of the dogs?

    • Indeed…your husband gets full credit for the unassisted double plays. He was supposed to make up a name, though, for me to acknowledge his kickball prowess.

      As for the neighborhood, yes, your sister picked a good one.

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