Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Yo gang.  The glorious weather continues.  As long as we stay under 90 degrees, I’m happy.  The cool nights make it that much nicer.  We hope you’re all enjoying the summer months and that your weekend proves to be radder than the last one.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– This is the part of the summer where time flies by, and if you blink you’ll miss a bunch of cool events and wonder how the weather cooled and leaves started dropping so quickly.  The short of it:  Foster Art Night is this weekend (with Crafty at the Carts returning), followed by Kern Park’s annual hosting of National Night Out on August 6; FAN again on August 17; Movies in the Park (Princess Bride) at Essex on August 21.  Oh, and if you’ve been following the refresh of the Foster Streetscape Plan, PBOT and the Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be meeting to discuss the next steps in the process on July 25.

– Stay posted on all your local watering holes, too.  In between all the above neighborhood events will be a splattering of live music, beer tastings, etc.

– Speaking of Foster Art Night (again, this Saturday), revisit Foster United’s official FAN video.  If that doesn’t get you out Saturday, you have no soul and are generally a no-good, no-fun-having, evil-doer.  Let me know how it goes…oh wait.

– Commissioner Novick, who recently took over the Bureau of Transportation, will be walking with neighborhood leaders and advocates in a couple weeks.  The idea is to acquaint him with Foster, alert him to neighborhood concerns regarding safety, and to show off some of the potential that could be realized with a thorough and well-planned streetscape plan.

– Starday Tavern’s stage is now bigger, and they’ve added new lights and PA.  Remember, rockabilly, folk, country, blues.  One of those ought to catch you.

–  Fox Colton performs at Gemini tonight, while Devin Bodeen puts it down at Torta.  The A.H. Factor Band holds it down at Torta on Saturday.

– Firestone Walker will be doing at tasting at N.W.I.P.A. on Thursday, July 25.

That’s it, folks.  Let us know what we missed.  Be cool, be safe.

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