Who is This Chick Knockin’ on The Door

Be advised: creepy woman is looking to scam you and yours (how’s that for a scare tactic).

Ok, maybe humor isn’t the best way to combat neighborhood creepers and scammers.  In all seriousness, we figured this was worth mentioning.

Thanks to the website, Nextdoor, neighborhoods are able to create their own social media networks and share news and info about garage sales, babysitters needed, lost dogs and, yeah, neighborhood creepers and scammers.

Here’s a recent communique regarding said creepy woman wandering around FoPo, Lents, Mt. Scott, and Creston-Kenilworth:

– Hey neighbors,  A neighbor of mine has had this happen twice lately. A young woman knocks on the door late at night, claiming she’s being chased and is in danger. Not too long after, a similar event, but the knock is by a man whose walk suggests he has CP. I was warned by a home alarm salesman recently that this has occurred, and if you let them in, you’ll be the victim of a home invasion. Has anyone else noticed a similar event? The police non-emergency operator said it was a new one to her.

– I had a young woman come up to me while I was working in my yard asking to use my phone. I declined.

* Note: For effect only. Courtney Love is not the FoPo scammer.

* Note: For effect only. Courtney Love is not the FoPo scammer.

– Yes. The woman has come to my house. I believe her name is Brooke. And the police seem to know about her. If it is the same person. She seems to be on pretty drugged out. She has Auborn hair.

– I’m curious: did Brooke try to get access to your house? Did she ask for anything in particular?  I’m starting to see the potential of Nextdoor as a way for the neighborhood to get out information like this….

– A few weeks ago I woke up to my dog frantically barking at the front door around 2:00 am. I could hear someone on the other side of the door, and when they started trying the doorknob I called the police (as I was home alone, and pretty freaked out). I never got a good look at the person, but from the back they had short, darkish hair. When I later called the police officer to find out what was going on, they told me it was a “confused, drunk woman”. It makes me wonder if this was the same person. I found it really strange that they would continue trying to get inside the house with my large dog barking from inside.

– She walked by our house this weekend – really messed up. She approached my husband who was working in the yard and said she had “snuck into our house earlier to use the bathroom and thought she may have left her bank card inside”…[she hadn’t gone inside, my dog would have made sure we knew] when he responded that he intended to call the police she got really weird, panicky and disoriented.

– Hi all! I had a similar experience about 6 months ago at my apartment. I had a woman at my door saying she needed money for gas because her mother-in-law needed to see a doctor. When I said I didnt have any money she asked for a phone. This was around 6 or 7 in the evening on a week night.

– The Creston-Kenilworth area have had similar scams whereby a woman asks for a ride to the hospital because her child/husband/mom has been hurt, but the kicker is that the ride is for her entire large family! In the end she ends up asking for money for a taxi.

We’re not becoming a neighborhood watch group, but figured folks may want to be aware.  And to validate those being vigilant, it wasn’t long ago that a similar online conversation helped lead to the arrest of the so-called “Lawnmower Man” who had his way around backyard sheds and churches in SE Portland.

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