Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Here we are again; the weekend.  We’ve been a little preoccupied with life, so we’re a tad behind in recent happenings in the ‘hood.  Feel free to share any news and/or events that may fit into this post.  Otherwise, enjoy the weekend and what tidbits we do have.

– Another weekend, another blank marquee at the Bobwhite.  There was a time when the theater was to bring the community together and spur a little growth in our local economy.  Well, I’d say we can accomplish those things without the Bobwhite, but it’s a bummer it hasn’t lived up to expectations.

– You still have a couple hours to make it over to Mt. Tabor for the occupation of reservoir #6, which is in response to the city’s decision to cover or close (or replace) open-air reservoirs.  Bring your tents…and maybe a gas mask, I suppose.  Occupation begins at 5pm.

As noted earlier, the Foster-Powell Community Garden will be having four work parties over the next month and a half.  For some, a community garden may not mean much.  But if you dig a little, you’ll see there’s great community interaction and activism going on, and the hard work by those involved benefits the neighborhood a ton.  Even the Oregonian has taken notice:  check out this article.  Kudos to Vicki Wilson for bringing her vision to reality, and plugging away for two years to make it happen.

– More carts on Foster.  Pastries and pizzas, respectively.  Yes, that’s two; not a combo.  Plane Pastries for the sweet; Square Cheese Pizza for the savory. Check ’em out.

Pending Black performs at Torta tonight; Dust and Thirst plays country at Starday tonight, as well; Two Rivers Band will be at Torta tomorrow night.

– Multi-family garage sale on SE Francis, between 60th and 62nd (I know, that makes 61st…it just happens to disappear on this street).

– And finally, get a cheap meal and help Bar Carlo advertise in the Mercury.  It’s a win-win.

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