More Lap Dances For Foster

securedownloadVice City, 97206.

Foster:  the land of boobs, booze…and more boobs and booze.  Throw in a gun shop, pot shops, chop shops, and you might think this were the wild west.  If only the poker room were still around, we’d be a modern day Dodge City—save for the gunfights.

Don’t fret, we’re still up-and-coming.  It just so happens that we’re getting the occasional pot dispensary and live nudie joint along the way.

securedownloadToday, we bring to you “Seductions.”  Live. Nude. 24 hours a day.

And for your nudie-viewing pleasure, they’ve conveniently set up shop next door to Devil’s Point and across the street from Pussy Cats.  We’re not so classy around here to doubt some of our readers won’t eventually fill us in on the details, so until then…

P.S.  On a positive note, maybe we’ll get cheap steak dinners out of this (I believe Spot 79 is the only game in the n’hood as far as that’s concerned).

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