Happy Weekend, FoPo!

My roof is still intact and none of our dry grass was singed.  That’s good.  But, memories of ‘Nam and PTSD-induced sleep deprivation…not so good.  Hope you all enjoyed the 4th in the SE hinterlands.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– If last night’s revelry wasn’t enough, Finn Doxie is performing at Gemini Lounge tonight at 8pm.  Get a cocktail and/or some sliders and enjoy their Celtic harp-infused take on modern music.  Or, if you want something a little more folky, the Rogue Bluegrass Band will be playing at Torta.  Bluegrass and tortas, that’s right.

– Foster Road sucks if you’re a biker or pedestrian.  You’re pretty screwed if you’re a driver, too.  Ditto for Powell (but at least Powell has nice trees).  We’re triple-screwed then, because 82nd is pretty crappy, too.  And sadly, a young boy was hit by a car while trying to cross the Avenue of Roses at Center Street yesterday.  Fortunately, the boy’s injuries were not fatal.  But it does drive the point home that our city streets need more attention drawn to safety and human scale. One important thing to note: according to witnesses, the boy and his family were in a crosswalk that also had a blinking rapid flash beacon in use.  As of now, that’s been the city’s fix for Foster safety concerns.

– Get your Milonga on this Saturday at Tango Berretin.  Beginners are welcome, with instructions beginning at 8 pm.  Dancing then proceeds at 9 pm—with a performance at 11 pm—continuing until 2 in the morning.  $10 if you need instruction, otherwise it’s only $7; no partner is necessary.

– And if you don’t have your dancing feet, check this guy out at Torta Saturday night.

– Wild Lilac CDC continues with their weekend work parties at the new Center Street location.  This Saturday and Sunday: stepping stones for the new school. Parents and kids are encouraged to come help, and they’re being asked to bring any of the following: “round non-stick cake pans, tiles, marbles, shells, rocks, and any other small gems you might have.”  Work/creating starts at 10 am.

– Speaking of work parties, the Foster Powell Community Garden will have two in July:  Saturdays, July 13 and 20, at noon.

– Ok, one more.  Join Depave and the Arleta School community next Saturday, July 13, as they begin transforming an asphalt lot into a native learning garden and add trees around the playground.  That’s rad.

– Has anyone been here yet?

That’s it, gang.  Let us know what we missed.

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3 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    I was thinking about trying Apex but the spray painted cardboard signs on the street corner and on cars look super shady so I’ve been reluctant.

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