Sleep World, We Hardly Knew Ye

IMG_0908I guess Foster just wasn’t big enough to handle the likes of…Sleep World.  That, or someone made off with a serious haul of mattresses and took the signs and window posters with them.

If only the store manager knew what the rest of us know—beer, tires, and pot is what sells on Foster.  Or at least until someone starts slangin’ some organic produce and Dave’s Killer Bread.

The good news is we have another retail space available.  Who wants to start a grocery co-op?  Seriously.  No, for real.


Nayar Taqueria means business.  Usually a “coming soon” sign is good enough to get us FoPoians all excited.  Throw in a paint job (in progress), some interior redesign, and a little build-up…we just might have something to look forward to.  Maybe the so-called “Heart of Foster” should be extended a few blocks west.  Meticon’s been holding it down for a while; LGA just moved into a bigger space next to it; Torta is right around the corner; and then you have your choice of Filipino food, goods from the Yucatan, or Vietnamese videos across the street.

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7 Responses to Sleep World, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. Spiffy says:

    that blockbuster sleep country location is horrible for anything that requires a car… crossing Foster there is a major pain with Holgate so close and no turns allowed at the intersection…

    • Nicole says:

      Agreed – I felt it had an expiration date as soon as they moved in. Curious as to what could be there next. A really oddball building in terms of orientation and dimensions.

  2. Shannon says:

    Yes, my daughter and I imagined a health food store there with farmer’s market in the parking lot. Imagine the life that would bring to our neighborhood!

  3. Crystal says:

    Plenty of places around Portland are successful and yet have inconvenient parking, access, etc. I don’t think the mattress store saw themselves as long term in that location. Anything besides yet another bar or storefront with paper or wood covered windows would be great. So looking forward to trying Nayar Taqueria when it opens!

  4. I hear that re: paper and wood-covered windows.

    Not sure what would fit next to 7-11. I guess one positive is that there actually is parking, as odd as the configuration might be. The space sort of reminds me of the building on Hawthorne (roughly 41st) that sort of resembles a mini strip mall. The space was renovated not long ago and now houses Hawthorne Hophouse, Pita Pit, and a bank. Hey, a bank…I suppose that’s something Foster could use.

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