‘Community School’ Applies for Charter Status Next Month

Wild LilacAs many of you already know, the Wild Lilac Child Development Community is bringing their Pre-K, early childhood program to the neighborhood.  Currently in the process of moving into their new site at 74th and Center, the Wild Lilac team is also working hard to obtain charter status for their proposed K-8 Community School.  The two programs (Pre-K and K-8) would coexist on the same campus, which is currently being de-paved and rehabilitated to make room for garden plots, a free community book exchange, and other colorful features…as well as the early childhood program, which begins this Fall.  While Wild Lilac is fully functional and already serves many families from the neighborhood, the effort to bring a charter school to the site remains.  With the intention of beginning a sole Kindergarten class in the Fall of 2014, the Community School still needs funding assistance and approval from PPS.  The group’s organizers plan to submit their application in July, and can use all the help they can get from the community.

The Community School is looking for help in two ways:

Donations to help bolster their budget

– A show of support when they submit their application to PPS on July 15.

For more information and/or to get involved, email info@thecommunityschoolpdx.org

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