New Business in the Hood

In the ever-expanding and evolving “Heart of Foster,” two new businesses enter the scene.  Today, I bring to you…ketchup and tacos.

Yep!  Just what you were expecting, right?

Ok, deep breath.  I know it’s not a grocery store or vintage clothing shop, but it is business.  And it’s not a strip club, pot dispensary, or tire shop.  That alone should be reason to rejoice.

But ketchup?

Yeah, ketchup, and good ketchup at that.  First, let’s get this out of the way: it won’t be another industrial-use space a la the fortune cookie shop a block and a half away (can’t someone convince those guys to take down the plywood covering their windows?).  shop-ketchupSecondly, the ketchup that I speak of is good enough to spread on all of McMenamins’ burgers and sell at New Seasons.  That says something, yeah?  Or not…but it is a local brand that sells under the Portlandia Foods umbrella, and their slogan is, “We’ve got your buns covered.”  What’s not to like about that…

So what are some of the details?  Well, the co-owner, Jeff Bergadine, informed me that the storefront (sandwiched between the Karate studio and Red Castle games at 64th) will initially serve as office space for the company’s business.  The idea, though, is that it will also serve as some variety of distribution and eventual retail space.  So at worst, we have a local business owner that’s investing in the neighborhood (that, again, is not a strip club, pot dispensary, or tire shop) and filling an empty storefront.  And on the upside, we have an up-and-coming business that will call Foster home and conceivably increase commercial activity in the neighborhood (I’ll bet on the latter…though Bergadine did give me a free bottle of ketchup, so I admit to bias).

Now on to the tacos…

Mayar TaqueriaIn the former Ma Tona’s space at SE 59th and Foster, and next to Meticon Bikes, will be Nayar Taqueria.  Not as much is known about Nayar, but word is they’ve been working on improving the space inside—both structurally and aesthetically.  That’s the good news.  The other positives: Ma Tona’s was rarely open, and when it was it had very few people in it; this potentially revitalizes this small stretch of commercial buildings (added with LGA’s relocation from across the street); I love taquerias (currently I make the trek to El Pato Feliz on 92nd for proper street tacos and rare and regional fare).  The bad news: Torta-landia is right around the corner.  Hopefully they’ll both fill different niches, though, and competition will be minimal.

More to come, I suppose…

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4 Responses to New Business in the Hood

  1. Spiffy says:

    I have they have vegan options… I currently go to El Nutri Taco (85th/Woodstock) or up to Los Gorditos (50th/Division)… Torta-landia just doesn’t cut it…

  2. I hear you, and Los Gorditos is pretty awesome. I do like Torta, though…good neighborhood/family vibe and good margaritas.

  3. chowswap says:

    Yeah, I wish Torta-landia had more veggie options. I have had some good veggie tortas before!

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