Garden Tour Redux

FoPo Garden Tour, 2013 ISixty homes was a tall order.

Someone had to organize it.  Promotion and participation demanded time and energy.  Donations required outreach and financial commitment.  And then people had to open their homes to the masses.

Was it worth it?


Hopefully you made it.  If not, here’s a recap in 60 words or less:

Young, old, four-legged, and on wheels—all soaking up the sun, enjoying mimosas and lemonade, sharing gardening tips, and collecting/trading plants, vegetables and ideas.  FoPo Garden Tour, 2013 IIOh, and gnomes, cocktails, chickens, and backyard barbecues.  There was the colorful, not-so-colorful, in-progress, and flat out amazing.  Lush and aesthetic oases and cluttered refuges, alike—all providing relief from the urban environment.

And here’s a comment from one of our readers:

“This was my second year doing the garden tour and I had a blast. So nice to meet your neighbors and enjoy their hard work close-up. So many generous folks giving away plants, offering cold drinks and snacks, giving guided tours of their gardens. I’m not an avid bike rider, but I do think it is the best way to do the FoPo Garden Tour and highly recommend it. Thanks FoPo for opening up your gardens to all of us!”

See you next year!

* Much love to those that opened their homes and gardens, the event organizers, and local business who provided raffle prizes.

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5 Responses to Garden Tour Redux

  1. Ben Waterhouse says:

    It was great! I stole so many ideas for my own garden.

  2. Yeah, I’m guilty of the same.

    I’d like to say it’s for other reasons, but I really just go to sap ideas off my more creative neighbors.

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m not sure four-leggers on wheels should be drinking mimosas!

  4. Ah, come on…where’s your sense of adventure? Anything less would be boring.

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