FoPo Garden Tour, Year Six

FoPo Garden Tour, 13If you asked me what a garden tour was five years ago, I probably would have referenced Better Homes and Gardens, old ladies, rose bushes, sculpted hedges, and manicured yards with frou-frou statues and lawn ornaments.  You know, all that stuff.

Now what do I think about?

Homemade beer, chickens, outdoor kitchens and living rooms, mimosas, cob structures, fire pits, urban farms, and raffles.  Oh, and some kick-ass gardens, too.

Welcome to the FoPo Garden Tour!

This isn’t your garden tour of yore.  Rather, it’s a SE showcase of the pristine and whacky mixed in one, with a splash of FoPo edge.  Yes, there will be certified backyard habitats.  Sure, there will be all-native landscapes.  And of course you’ll be inspired by the many talented gardeners in the neighborhood, too.  But you’ll also share the tour with chickens; be offered a drink, or two; maybe treated to homemade bread baked in an outdoor oven; and run into your neighbors, both tattooed and gray.  You’ll also be able to win some sweet loot: gift certificates to local businesses, locally made craftwork, etc.

This is so good, even our acclaimed and top-notch news machine mentioned it.

But don’t take my word for it…I just go for the drinks.  See for yourself, next Saturday, June 15.  For all the details, check out FoPo Gardens or email

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4 Responses to FoPo Garden Tour, Year Six

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  3. Jill says:

    This was my second year doing the garden tour and I had a blast. So nice to meet your neighbors and enjoy their hard work close-up. So many generous folks giving away plants, offering cold drinks and snacks, giving guided tours of their gardens. I’m not an avid bike rider, but I do think it is the best way to do the FoPo Garden Tour and highly recommend it. Thanks FoPo for opening up your gardens to all of us!

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