What’s In a Name?

The Foster Green Eco District had their monthly meeting last Monday and, among other things, discussed development priorities for the corridor (East and West of 82nd), the Foster Streetscape Plan, and how to incorporate a new vision for 82nd Avenue into the conversation.

Heart of FosterAll big things, sure.

But it was a non-agenda item that squeaked in and prompted some of the more thoughtful conversation of the night.  And it was this conversation that led to a vote for future consideration of how we may come to know the stretch of Foster between SE 60th to 67th, otherwise known as the “Heart of Foster.”  Sparked by a Lents resident who contested that the “Heart of Foster” implies lesser qualities for surrounding areas, the conversation brought up valid concerns about the specific title, as well as suggestions for new names that could be part of a re-branding effort.

Most in attendance agreed that the Heart of Foster does suggest a geographic center or some level of superiority (i.e. more hipness, nicer, better attractions, etc.). And it was also Heartagreed that this is a disservice to the Lents Town Center, as well as other parts of Foster that are trying to improve and lure investment.  It was widely known, too, that such a conversation could not fully fit in the two-hour time slot for the evening.  So it was voted on and approved to discuss at a later date.  This does not guarantee a name change for the area, nor a timeframe for such a change.  It does ensure the issue is discussed, though.  And if it does, we want your opinion to share with the Foster Green folks.

So, when thinking of a name for the area, what usually comes to mind?  Many folks still refer to the area simply as FoPo, but that title represents a longer stretch than just the seven blocks between Holgate and 67th.  It also doesn’t accurately incorporate the south side of Foster, which is technically Mt. Scott (or even Creston-Kenilworth when you venture west).  That doesn’t seem to stop people, though.  But if we’re just referring to a handful of blocks, which PDC and PBOT have agreed present some of the best development opportunities on Foster, maybe a re-branding is in order.

So what will it be?  Tell us what you think by taking the poll and/or leaving suggestions.

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9 Responses to What’s In a Name?

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    From a branding standpoint, Foster-Powell is totally solid. It clearly defines it’s territory, and it is the first foster neighborhood people bump into on their way from downtown.

    All of the other neighborhood names in the area prompt question and confusion. Where is Mt. Scott? What’s an Arleta? And what’s up with Lents, is it some sort of religious thing?

    I think Foster is a great name and the neighborhood should own it. I do think “Heart of Foster” is a little too flowery though, and prefer something utilitarian. My pick: “Central Foster”

  2. Well put, Nick…I totally agree. As of now, Foster-Powell has recognition outside of the n’hood, and that goes for something. To get specific, though, the stretch in question does deserve some designation…and maybe Central Foster works. I don’t think it has the greatest ‘ring’ to it, but it’s a start.

    I’m sure at some point we’ll see a re-branding effort by real estate agents as they seek to better market their listings. Maybe it’ll be “South Tabor Bottoms” someday, or “Upper Foster (or would we be lower?).” Ha ha.

  3. Brett says:

    Any chance we could see the poll results?

  4. Nicole says:

    While I never thought any of the streetscape labels were anything other than for project use, and not necessarily an attempt at branding the areas, it would be nice to have a name that was more inclusive to the adjacent neighborhoods, and that did not imply any sort of superiority. That is, IF they are really intended to define the areas outside of the scope of project planning.

    But while we are at it, what about the other names? Do they feel right, either? I’m not sure how far we go with these labels.

  5. MattSE60th says:

    I like the Laurelwood idea, but maybe adding “District”, so you have Foster Road’s Laurelwood District. It alleviates the neighborhood name competition between Foster Powell, Arleta, etc.

  6. Good idea, Matt. Thanks for sharing.

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