Put the Community in Your Community Garden

FoPo Community GardenWith a lot secured, a fence, piles of dirt and bark chips, and the dedication of a few neighbors, the corner of SE 62nd and Powell Blvd is slowly being transformed into a community space.  With a little work, this space will become a growing garden with raised beds, potted plants, a water cistern, and drought tolerant border plants.

The effort began well over a year ago, as one local resident inquired with ODOT about the lot, which, at the time, was overgrown with FoPo Community Garden entranceweeds, collected trash, and created an eyesore and safety concern.  The ODOT-owned lot was once a gas station, so any proposal for improving on the space would be tricky.  After much dialogue and planning, a proposal was approved for a community garden so long as the asphalt remained—in other words, everything would have to be planted above ground to avoid any risk of contamination.

So here we are in the middle of Spring, less than a month away from the FoPo Garden Tour, and Foster-Powell has its very own FoPo Community Garden Fliercommunity garden.  There’s much work to do, though, as beds have not yet been constructed (though they will be this weekend), and the piles of dirt and bark chips still await their end destination.  So, to get some of this done, your help is needed.

Please check out the garden’s online home at: http://62ndgarden.wordpress.com/, or on Facebook. There, you’ll find more information on work parties, plans for the site, and other ways to get involved.

This is a community garden, so don’t be shy.

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2 Responses to Put the Community in Your Community Garden

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    What a wonderful cause……..kudos to those that make it happen.

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