FoPo’s Bikeability

Bike ScoreWe already know Foster-Powell is a walkable neighborhood (see post), and now it appears we’re somewhat bikeable, too.  While this may seem counterintuitive due to encapsulation by 82nd, Foster, and Powell (all busy streets with no bike facilities), we do have a mix of bike lanes/boulevards (Center St.), nearby destinations, and a lack of hills.  Those all contribute to good bikeability.

And thanks to the heads up from Bike Portland, we can now see how Foster-Powell compares to other neighborhoods via a new feature on the website,  Bike CommutersWhile there’s no figure that compares us to the other neighborhoods (at least not publicly), the above heat map shows the differences in bikeability across Portland.  While obvious disparities exist between us and more central neighborhoods, Foster-Powell appears to hold its own—heading east along Powell, the area becomes even more bikeable as it nears the MAX line and I-205.  We can see in the other map, too, Foster-Powell has its fair share of bike commuters.  Though that changes not too far beyond our boundaries.

A couple things to note about biking in Foster-Powell:

– bikeability surely will improve once the ‘50s Bikeway‘ project is completed
– the Foster Streetscape redesign will almost certainly include bike facilities, adding to more biking improvements in the neighborhood as Foster itself becomes bikeable

If official neighborhood rankings expand to include FoPo, we’ll share when we can.

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