Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Here we are again.  Friday.  Rap video.  Neighborhood cheerleading.

For all you moms out there, I hope you feel loved and appreciated.  For the rest of you, see above…make it happen.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Foster gets the “once over, keep going” again.  Green Zebra Grocery has a third store in the works, and….it’s not in our neighborhood.  We are getting closer, though. First Woodstock landed the healthy convenient store, and now Division—all within a stone’s throw, but not quite walkable. It isn’t for lack of retail space, that’s for sure. And there are other options we can cross our fingers for, too.

– Bar Maven officially opened this week, and all remnants of Knuckleheads and Amor are gone.  That goes along with the recent transformation of Bob and Alice’s into Starday Tavern, which now has regular live blues, rockabilly, country, and bluegrass music. Homemade chili, too.

– What’s the word with the Bobwhite?  Not a whole lot of action these days.  Has the promise of regular music, performances and film (man, what I’d do for a real movie theater) waned?  Let us know if you have any info.

– Mothers Day brings the Feminist Pop-up Festival to Foster…more specifically, Performance Works NW.  Charming Roulette: a night of feminist performance.  Peep it.

– The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets this Monday at Bar Carlo.  The 6:30 meeting marks the new year in regards to board appointments, so if you’re into civic duty, stuffing ballots, rocking the vote, democracy, tyranny, or any other form of involvement, you know what to do.

– And in more civic duties—you know, if you’re into that—the community garden opens its gates this Sunday for another work party.  Dig around, get dirty, and get to know your neighbors.

– Peep this Portland Monthly writeup of Lily Day Cafe: here.  Also of note, their grand opening is next Friday, May 17.  More immediately, though, moms get free mimosas this Sunday.

– Finally, in addition to live music at Starday Tavern, Brown Erbe performs tonight (Friday) at Gemini Lounge; the Mojo Blasters and Devin Bodeen perform at Torta tonight and tomorrow night, respectively.

Cheers!  Have a good weekend, gang.

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