The Best of Foster…

IMG_0161It’s not easy being the best.

And on the Foster landscape, laying claim to the best of any of the following makes for quite the distinction:  burgers, beers, auto shops, adult entertainment…oh, and I suppose cannabis clubs (see Fosterdam).

I can’t speak to the auto (chop) shops, and I know where to find the right beer/drink for the right mood.  Burgers, though?  I’ve had it wrong all this time…it’s Smokey’s.

Now, there’s some hilarity in that claim.  And not because they don’t (and I’m pretty sure they don’t) have the best burger, but because it states superiority over nearby Foster Burger, Slingshot, the Angry Unicorn, Bar Carlo, and even the sliders FoPo's best sandwichat Gemini.  One has to make their mark in the world, though…and Smokey’s is doing it in a bold way.

Bold claims don’t stop there. Foster has a couple more bests, and the proclamation declared by one’s mom says it all.

Case in point, FoPo’s best sandwich…found at none other than Speedboat Coffee.  You see, Foster doesn’t take itself too seriously.  And maybe that’s why the comparisons to an “up and coming” district like Hawthorne or Mississippi would never (ever, ever!) stick.  But FoPo's best staffit’s also why Speedboat can get away with their other claim: best staff.

Surely Speedboat makes good coffee, and if you’ve been in, you’d know their staff is actually pretty rad.  In fact, they could be the best staff—friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and supportive of the neighborhood…and the ability to not take themselves too seriously.  And the latter is a great quality, quite befitting of our neighborhood.  And in some ways it summarizes our own view of ourselves—we know we’re not the nicest neighborhood, but I’ll be damned if anyone says so.

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3 Responses to The Best of Foster…

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    How about the Arleta Library Bakery Cafe’s “Best Biscuits in Portland” … they might actually be telling the truth 🙂

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