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Laurelwood Park is a nice asset to the neighborhood.  It can be nicer.

Last week, the Foster Green EcoDistrict hosted its last community workshop to gather feedback on the final design option for the neighborhood park.  Five people showed up.  And that includes the design consultant and Foster Green facilitator.

So, if in fact a new design is accepted for Laurelwood Park, the adopted features will (at this point) be based solely on the opinions of five people…well, three, really.  Sure, the sun was out last week…and who wants to go to community meetings after work.


…change is happening in our neighborhood.  And we (you) have an opportunity to shape it.  Since you didn’t go last week (understandable: see above), you have one last chance to share your opinions.

Take this survey:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VBK6YL3

The proposed layout of the park has been chosen, but design features are still up in the air.  The above survey allows you to express what kind of pathways, ground cover, lighting, and other land/hardscape features you’d like to see.

It takes 10 seconds.


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2 Responses to Take This Survey

  1. When will this poll close? And thanks for posting!

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