More Money for Foster Road Enhancements?

You can help.

ODOT is seeking feedback on funding priorities for the 2015-18 Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).  Basically, the state identifies transportation projects it intends to build in the coming years, and (through an application process) then determines how to divvy out its limited funds to a select few of them.  Enhancements to STIP mapFoster Road between SE 50th and 90th has made the big list; hopefully public feedback will help get it on the short list.  That’s where you come in…ODOT wants your comments, and it’s important that you do so.

The grant request and proposed enhancements to Foster Road will coincide with the current updating of the Foster Road Transportation and Streetscape Plan, and is part of an effort to leverage more funding for the overall project—current funding will only cover partial buildout of the total plan.  By receiving more state funding—the application requests $2.2 mil—for the project, there’s a better chance the improvements everybody hopes for will happen sooner than later (let’s not forget we’ve already had to wait 10 years to get to this point—the original plan was drafted in 2003).  This specific funding request focuses “on pedestrian and bicycle crossing safety and access to transit, followed by streetscape improvements…”

Check out the linked websites above for more information, and use the following email address to submit comments:

Also, Nick Falbo at Foster United put together a nice form letter to fill out in support of this project, as well as others in the Foster Area.  Please make your voices heard.  We currently have $3.25 mil to make transportation and streetscape improvements from 52nd to the Foster/Woodstock couplet.  That’s hardly enough to add safety improvements, bike facilities, streetscape elements, and reconfigure the travel lanes. Adding $2.2 mil will go a long way in making Foster great.

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