Not that we needed a break, but trading in the comfy confines of FoPo for some time away (think green hills and the smell of peat fires) was quite welcome.  Now we’re back just in time for April Fools’ Day and the tail end of some nice weather.

We were going to say that New Seasons just announced plans to build a new store on Foster, or that Nick Storie was going to add daily movies accompanied by beer and pizza to his now irregular offerings at the Bobwhite, but that kind of joke would just be cruel.  Instead, we thought we’d just share a few tidbits of goings-on over the last week….

– For those familiar with the “lawn mower man,” we now know that he wasn’t just a down-and-out neighbor mowing lawns for extra cash, rather he was robbing FoPo and Mt. Scott-Arleta clean of any accessible barbecues, lawn mowers, bikes, and other assorted metal objects laying around in garages and backyard sheds.  Oh, and apparently churches were on his hit list, too.  Check out this article…you may recognize him.

– The Tribune ran a nice article on a PSU group spearheading a project to make better use of alleyways in Mt. Scott-Arleta, FoPo, and Lents.  The Alley Allies project seeks to make our area alleys an asset for the community rather than…well, what they are now (though some people deserve credit for making theirs nice).  The project (and stories in the article) is actually inspiring and pretty exciting.

– New neighborhood blog:
Check it out.  Thanks to rad residents, initiative, community-mindedness, and the support of the FoPoNA, a long-vacant ODOT site just south of Powell on SE 62nd may soon be home to a community garden.  Peep the site, get some background, and figure out how you can help the project move forward.

If anybody wants to share other goings-on in the neighborhood, please feel free to comment.

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