Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Ok, we have Foster Art Night, Fucking Art Night, and St. Paddy’s Day coming up.  Should be a good weekend to stay local—not that you needed an excuse.  Sorry the weather won’t be a little nicer for you.  Keep it real, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– It’s official, as per Monday’s NA meeting: for the cost of $600, Foster-Powell will be joining the list of neighborhoods offering “Movies in the Park” during the summer.  FoPo’s offering will be The Princess Bride on Wednesday, August 21.  Mark your calendars.  Oh, and if you’d like to donate to the Neighborhood Association to help fund this event, you can get contact info here.

– Busy weekend coming up.  First, Foster Art Night returns for the month of March.  Same ol’ route, but different lineup.  If you don’t already, this is a good time to get out, meet your neighbors, and support our fine eateries and watering holes.  Oh, and maybe get some art…don’t forget the artists.

– Speaking of art, the Merc had a nice little blurb about Foster Art Night’s artsier companion, Fucking Art Night.  Don’t be offended, and don’t jump to conclusions…it’s the spot to be.  Live readings, art, music, libations, good conversation. Here’s what the Merc said about this month’s gathering:  “A classy(ish) art salon on Foster, featuring readings from Jana Hughes, John Knutson, Naomi Nicodemus, Ross Blanchard, and Daniel Scott Buck; live music from Stalking Strangers; art by Kelli MacConnell; and a film by Erica Schreiner.”  

– Another writeup for a neighborhood business, courtesy of Neighborhood Notes:  Fat Yoga.

– Oh, there is another event this weekend: St. Paddy’s Day.  I’m sure you can get in the action at any of the neighborhood bars, but O’Malley’s and Gemini Lounge, specifically, have Irish-themed events. Gemini Lounge will have traditional Irish pub songs being performed by Crocodile Kramer on Saturday, and O’Malley’s will have their take on the holiday, er, day of celebration on Sunday:  “traditional ST. Paddys Eats,5$ Guinness Pints,Jameson,Bushmills,and Powers Whiskey, Drink specials,Green jello shots,Irish Music by the Rose City Timberliners(BarberShop Quartet)@ 4:30pm and The Leprechaun Horror Movies on the SyFy Channell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Oh, and in a bit of sad business-related news, Flotsam and Jetson will be no more by the end of the month…at least its physical location.  According to the owner, “The neighborhood just isn’t ready for what I’m selling at this point.” Hopefully that’s not too indicative of the overall business climate on Foster.

Sorry to end on a downer.  Have a good weekend, y’all.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. “F-ing Art Night!”. We got such a laugh out of this! Just like Fo-Po to come up with something like this. I think it has potential

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