To Scrap or Not to Scrap

Is anyone else having this problem?

Crime PreventionFrom one of our Facebook peeps:
“Hey FoPo people… question for you… what would you do if you noticed a house in the hood is always piled high with garbage/junk, men coming and going at all hours, variety of cars/trucks always being worked on in the street, and glaring looks from men (sometimes groups of them) on the property whenever you drive by? I haven’t witnessed a crime, that I know of, but it sure is suspicious and has been for quite a while. Suggestions welcome. If you know the property of which I speak, message me =)”

Indeed, a common occurrence in FoPo.  However, I suppose their’s some level of resiliency and ingenuity tied into the scrap economy, right?  Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing in a recession (are we still?).  I mean, who are we to judge?  And maybe there’s a silver lining:  any spare appliances and parts you want to dispose of on the curb will swiftly be taken and sorted out by the n’hood scrap collectors.

All joking aside, though, this does seem to be a genuine concern in the neighborhood.  In this particular case, a neighbor’s stolen car was linked to the occupants of said property.  And I’m pretty sure another scrap pile down the street from me has parts of my neighbhor’s stolen bike and a friends missing muffler.  Perhaps you’ve had similar issues?  If so, you can call PPD’s Neighborhood Response Team (East Precinct: 503-823-4800), who will investigate any potential unsafe conditions and code violations, as well as suspected crimes.  Also, our neighborhood has its own crime prevention program coordinator and can be found here.

If you have any experience with this, please feel free to share.

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3 Responses to To Scrap or Not to Scrap

  1. Spiffy says:

    I would call the city’s Neighborhood Inspections Program code enforcement number @ 503 823-CODE (503-823-2633) and report the house… found via

    here’s a list of some of the things that you can report: (I followed the link for Title 29 from the above URL to get to this one)

  2. sergeim105 says:

    There is a house next to me that has always been an unkept place with junk and what-not. They however have recently storing garbage in a trailer in their driveway and behind it. I think I’ve been hoping someone else would report it, but I’m pretty close to doing it myself. I’d much rather talk to them first, but the husband isn’t the friendliest guy I’ve ever met.

  3. sergeim105 says:

    Wow, maybe they heard this through the grapevine, but they totally cleaned up… I also found that you can see past reports of this type through .. just Type in the address then click on the Permits tab.

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