You’ve Got a Busy Week, FoPo…

Whether it’s official neighborhood business, arts and entertainment, or simply a drink to unwind, you’re covered this week.

fosterpowell_logoTonight, Bar Carlo is hosting the monthly Fo-Po Neighborhood Association meeting, followed by Big Gay Monday’s lineup of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Untucked on the big screen.  Obviously these are separate events, but you’re welcome to both.  On the NA side, look forward to updates on the Foster Streetscape Plan, as well as potential enhancements to Laurelwood Park.  As for RuPaul….you already know:  you better work.

– “Hard Times Come Again No More” is running live at Performance Works NW through March 24.  Sure, the BobWhite has the occasional show, but if you want to treat yourself to theater, here’s an opportunity.  A little about the show:

Trucker's StrikeHard Times Come Again No More 
a play by Martha Boesing
March 7-24, 2013

“Lorraine Bahr and Jim Davis co-direct Sowelu Theater’s production of Martha Boesing’s Hard Times Come Again No More. The play is based on the 1930s stories, essays, characters of Meridel LeSueur, a prominent “proletarian” writer of the 30s, who was blacklisted in McCarthy’s madness that followed WWII.

The play is a remarkably timely portrayal of poverty and joblessness building inevitably to a clash between the human need for dignified survival and corporate hunger for profit. The play ultimately celebrates the power of community, the ways in which we care for one another, and the strength of the people standing together.”

– You want more live performances?  Fine, Aaron Cressey and his variety/cabaret show will be featuring the Back Alley Barbers this Thursday, March 14, at the Bobwhite.  I have no idea what to expect.  For what it’s worth, there will be some assortment of comedians, music, magic, and belly dancing.  There’s only one way to find out.  Let us know.

– We misspoke last Friday about the 10 Barrel tasting at N.W.I.P.A.  It’s going to happen, just not this Tuesday.  It’s been postponed, so check back later.

– Finally, here are some March gardening tips courtesy of Dennis’ 7 Dees:  March Gardening Tips.

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