Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 7.00.51 AMAh, glorious weekend.  Some are obviously more glorious than others, but when the sun’s out, FoPo certainly shines.  And shine it will…at least for the next few days.

Before we get into the weekend tidbits, don’t forget to support your local businesses when you’re out and about in the hood.  Sunny days are the perfect excuse to take advantage of Foster’s sidewalk seating, for example, whether for breakfast and coffee at Pieper or Speedboat; happy hour at Slingshot, O’Malley’s, DaHui, or even Bob and Alice’s or Smokey’s; a pint and cheese plate at N.W.I.P.A.; dinner at Bar Carlo; or a nightcap at Gemini Lounge.  The options are certainly there, and they depend on your support.

Ok, on to your weekend tidbits…

– We’ve already touched on food and drink, but Foster’s got that in abundance…so here’s a little more:  Thrillist had a nice little write up on Lily Day Cafe, with pictures and all. The Starday Tavern is eyeing the end of March for their Bob and Alice’s takeover. And finally, 10 Barrel Brewing will be doing a tasting at N.W.I.P.A. this Tuesday, March 12.

Hacienda CDC and Depave will be partnering to make the Portland Mercado site (at 72nd and Foster) that much radder.  The latter will help Hacienda CDC depave the site, while also adding landscaping features, native vegetation, and storm-water management.  Expect movement on this later in the Fall.

– If you’re so inclined to catch a show at the Bobwhite, Sneakin’ Out will be performing this Saturday. Tickets are $15 at the door ($10 in advance).

– The FoPo Neighborhood Association meets this Monday, March 11.  The 6:30 meeting at Bar Carlo will be a good one if you’re at all interested in the proposed improvements to Foster Road and its surrounding areas.  PBOT rep and project manager, Mauricio LeClerc, will be presenting the five design options the Streetscape Advisory Committee have accepted for further consideration on Foster.  Also, there will be an update from Foster Green on the re-visioning of Laurelwood Park.

– Oh, and if you weren’t hip to this already…thanks to the help of PSU students, a local project exploring potential uses for alley ways may make our neighborhood that much radder.  Peep this: Alley Allies.

Ok, that’s all, gang.  Have a bodacious weekend.

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