‘Bar Maven’ Inches Closer to Opening in Old Knuckleheads Space

Bar MavenWith the electrical system being updated, FoPo’s newest bar is that much closer to opening.  As we mentioned before, Bar Maven-Pdx, LLC applied for a liquor license at the old Knuckleheads location, and the new owner, Bashar Farah, intends to offer a mix of local micro-brews, hand-crafted spirits, and diverse menu options.

Here’s what else we know:

– The space is getting a full remodel—everything from the flooring and bar-top, to tables and lighting.  The bar and tables will be made of repurposed wood, and much of the lighting and chairs will be reclaimed from local vintage and reuse stores.  This won’t be the Knuckleheads of yore, or even Amor Lounge for that matter (although Farah is related to Amor’s old owner; he even tended bar for him many years ago).

IMG_0815– As far as the bar goes, Farah intends to have 12 beers on tap and an assortment of hand-crafted spirits—some of his own creation.  And as mentioned above, the bar will be made of recycled materials.

– On to the food.  The general description will be “classic American with an infusion of Lebanese tapas.”  What does that mean?  Expect the basics—burgers and chicken club sandwiches—but also look forward to a wide variety of Lebanese small plates, too.  For example:  hummus and pita; falafel and gyro sandwiches; chicken and steak skewers; lebanese style empanadas; and ca-roons, which are ground beef and whole wheat shells stuffed with seasoned beef, caramelized onions and pine nuts, fried to a crisp and served with a chipotle tezaki dipping sauce.  Ok, so it won’t be just another bar serving burgers and fries (oh, Farah is adamant about not serving fries from a box—they’ll all be house-made).  Sounds good to me.

– Now for the other improvement: outside.  The patio is getting a makeover, too, with the addition of heaters and a makeshift hookah-smoking area.

As we know, new businesses get a lot of hype on Foster.  And when food’s involved, our interest is usually piqued.  We’ve had our fair share of disappointment, though, so let’s hope this makes for a nice addition to the neighborhood.  An opening date has yet to be determined, but Farah’s aiming for the end of the month or beginning of next.

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4 Responses to ‘Bar Maven’ Inches Closer to Opening in Old Knuckleheads Space

  1. Spiffy says:

    they should get with the neighborhood and paint a mural on the side of the building to liven up the boring alley a bit…

  2. A mural—or any paint job, really—would be nice, indeed. And it would certainly add to the flavor of the neighborhood, which already has a nice collection of murals.

  3. Dustin says:

    We had dinner there this evening. The food and drinks were good. The remodel turned out quite nice. The service was very good. Plus, as someone that lives blocks away I have to say I am not sad that Knuckelheads is gone. Those Harley’s at 2am when it closed were annoying.

  4. Good to know…glad you enjoyed it.

    I imagine I’ll be in soon enough.

    Thanks for reading!

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