Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Hope you’re living large, FoPo!  The theme for this week is change.  Whether it’s the season shifting into Spring, or facelifts for Laurelwood Park and Foster Road, change is coming.  Hopefully it’s to everyone’s liking.  Stay dry this weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The Foster Green EcoDistrict unveiled three design ideas for Laurelwood Park this last Wednesday night.  Chief among them was the goal to create more gathering space in the park.  Each option had some variation of gathering space on the north side of the park where 64th ends.  The variations came in the form of a hard-scaped plaza, a courtyard, or a “town green.”  There’s also some thought on constructing a barrier of sorts along Foster, though that idea had mixed reactions from those who attended.  Each design idea also incorporated some version of a garden area, increased pathways, and art installation.  We’ll keep you posted on when the next workshop is.

– Also this week, the Foster Streetscape Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) met to discuss design (cross-section) options for Foster Road.  Last night’s meeting reviewed potential impacts of each of the designs, and officially moved five specific options forward for further consideration.  Those five are:  existing configuration (little change); protime parking (still four lanes during peak times, but two lanes disappear for parking at non-peak times); three-lane (instead of two lanes in each direction, we’d have one lane in each direction with a third, center turn lane); cycle-track + three lane (four lanes from 50th to 60th with cycle track on sidewalk, and then transition to three lanes by the time Foster hits Holgate; four lanes + bikes (this would require eliminating parking on one side of Foster).  Of these options, all include adding bike facilities except, well, if they choose the existing configuration.

– Get your pinball on this weekend.  All weekend…serious, all weekend.  Rose City Showdown V takes place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Slingshot Lounge.  Buy a ticket, post your best score, and work your way into Sunday’s finals.  Make sure you have your flipper finger ready.

– The BobWhite’s going to be busy this weekend.  Perhaps some of you will be there.  Here’s what they got for you:  Portland’s Rock-n-Film Fest on Friday; Melao de Cuba performs Saturday night; and Kitty Moshpit’s Oscar Night caps the weekend off on Sunday.

– And as always, check out Foster United’s events page for more fun happenings in the ‘hood.

– The PDC has $300,000 to give away, and if you work or play on Foster, you’re eligible to apply for some of it.  This year’s round of community livability grants will award up to $300,000 to recipients of projects that promote/build community health in the Lents Urban Renewal Area (which our stretch of Foster is part of).  We’ll have more on this in another post, but it’s worth considering how you, your friends, business owners, and the like can add to the historical, cultural, and recreational health of our community.

– Oh, and in case you were worried you just might be paranoid when you thought your neighbors seemed a little sketchy…this little news bit shows they could actually be hoarding guns, ammo, and heroin in the house.  Perhaps it is ok to be a little vigilant.

Alright, good people.  Have a most-radical weekend.

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