Freddy’s on Foster: “It’s a Doozy”

We’ve all become accustomed to the joys and wonders—maybe more one than the other—of shopping at Freddy’s on Foster and 82nd.  Judging by the number of people who yearn for a healthier, fresher, and more local alternative in the neighborhood, it’s safe to assume it’s not their preferred shopping destination.  Perhaps user experience has something to do with it, too, or so the following  FB comments would suggest (names have been deleted):

“Wow…I just took my friend grocery shopping at the Fred Meyers on 82nd and Foster…the array of people available for my viewing pleasure were a far cry from the hipsters at my usual location. I seriously don’t think half of them had any teeth….”

– “Welcome to my neighborhood!”
– “Didn’t security recently fight off some guy in the parking lot who was wielding a machete, or axe or something?”
– “Yeah, it at least makes shopping more interesting. Some days are better than others!”
– “That particular Freddie’s is pretty much the bottom of the barrel…!”
– “That freddies is AWESOME and scary as shit
– “I can’t stand that one. Every time I get out of my car, someone asks me for money. I have issues with people approaching me at my car and it makes me nervous. I go to the FM on Glisan and 65th.”
– “It seems normal to me..ah, the pleasures of my neighborhood

– “I usually go to the one one Broadway or Hawthorne but my friend lives over by the one on Foster…all I can say is WOW.Its a doozy…”
– “…sometimes it’s a bunch of white trashers in their PJ pants. A hippie lady had her dog in there last night.”
– “….Looked like a bus full of tweekers exploded in there…”
– “Cool! Ya that can happen. There’s a dude there sometimes who doe’s these weird dance moves too. And then this guy who yells at the TV when you walk in your on camera and he says it makes him have two heads. Hu maybe I’m just used to it that’s scary.”

Anyone else care to share their Freddy’s experience?

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16 Responses to Freddy’s on Foster: “It’s a Doozy”

  1. Spiffy says:

    although the 82nd one is closer (by 5 minutes via bike) I go to the one on Hawthorne… they have better vegan and gluten-free alternatives… and also the “crazy factor” is way lower than the 82nd one…

  2. MizVerde says:

    From security following my husband around for no reason, to walking in to the produce area to be greeted by the smell of warm beer (there was a huge tub of beer cans from the recycling machines out in the middle of the floor), I generally only go there when absolutely necessary. It is not so much the clientele (as noted in above comments) as it is the feeling I get that management has largely just given up on that location.

  3. Wishdish says:

    I drop in for some staples and do my best to ignore the recycling machine huggers. Its a huge pain that this store isn’t more attractive to take my family. We have stopped by fruits there and go across the street where the outdoor market is. I haven’t been approached by anyone yet but hearing about others talk down about this location I certainly do not want to experience that. Thanks for starting the conversation.

  4. Jessica says:

    I have sent an several complaints about that particular Freddy’s, they always guarantee that my next experience will be better :/

  5. Eddie says:

    You know what? I went in once when it opened, around 7 a.m. or whatever, and it was a totally normal store! Mostly employees and not many crazies. Even the parking lot just seemed like a parking lot.

  6. grrlpup says:

    Gee, sorry the other shoppers aren’t up to your dental and fashion standards, and that you find their recycling disgusting and their mental illness scary. These are the ugly, classist sentiments of gentrifiers.

    • Thanks for chiming in, grrlpup. Indeed, some of the comments are insensitive and over-generalized. You bring up a good point, too…and that’s one of gentrification. As folks in the n’hood seek improvements on their streets and in their stores, it’s worth considering who gets marginalized in the process.

      Digging through the cynicism, though, some the above sentiments do capture the fact that this Fred Meyer is not the most pleasant place to shop. Not because of the clientele necessarily, but because of the lack of cleanliness; limited fresh and/or organic offerings; crushed glass and sticky fluids surrounding the recycling area; and unsavory characters (not in the ‘keep Portland weird’ sense…but more of the ‘why does that guy have a machete’ sense).

      • As an addendum:
        The scorn for FoPo’s tweakers may be at play here, and I wouldn’t qualify that as classist…more of a dissatisfaction for the baby carriage-pulling, bike-stealing, scrap collecting folk who prey on unlocked cars, backyard sheds, vacant properties, and otherwise untied-down personal belongings. And I see them a lot at Freddy’s.

    • You said a lot of what I was thinking. While there’s room for improvement in the store itself, I’ve never, ever had the vibe of scary the way that some folks quoted in the article did and it really does end up sounding like a lot of classist sentiment.

  7. LAURA says:

    I never had anything unreasonable happen there, I actually prefer it to winco or Walmart because I can find what I need and get out again in not too much time. The employees are nice, although one in particular is slow and easily confused. The recycle machine outside is another story though. I don’t know… I guess I don’t find poor folks exotic or intimidating, so I am missing out on the excitement.

  8. grrlpup says:

    whoops, sorry for the near-duplicate comments; I thought my computer ate the first one.

  9. Ceevee says:

    Sounds like white people complaining about the diversity they claim to value
    A little character is a GOOD thing
    The best cities appreciate all aspects of themselves – New York, San Francisco, L.A.
    Time for Portland to grow up

  10. One thing I can say for Fred’s on 82 and Foster is that they have hung in there in the Foster neighborhood for better than 30 years! Safeway deserted us, Albertson’s disappeared. Folks who have moved to FO-PO in the last decade came because they could buy a reasonably priced home, and we are glad to welcome them, but we have a large group of diverse and low socio-economic sector residents whose shopping habits determine our choices at our local Fred’s.
    I guess I’m just used to our FO-PO “characters” from so many years in the area!

    • Point well taken, Kathleen. I think a lot of what’s being said is in jest, and I hope folks appreciate the character of the n’hood. If they don’t, they certainly didn’t do their homework before moving here.

  11. MizVerde says:

    Yet another 82nd grocery casualty – the Safeway at 82nd & Burnside is closing soon…

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