Happy Weekend, FoPo!

We hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day and that love found a way into your heart…or, perhaps you found a way to distance yourself from it altogether.  Regardless, it’s behind us now and we’re in the home stretch to Spring (I already have daffodils poking through the ground).  Unfortunately, the rain is returning this weekend (though as I write it’s hard to believe) and that home stretch will start feeling a little longer.  Foster’s got you covered, though.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– While it sometimes feels like new businesses enter the ‘hood at a snail’s pace, it also seems to happen in spurts.  First it was Flotsam and Jetson.  Then Fat Yoga took over the former Bad Apple space.  And then, to make Sweetness Bakery’s absence a little less painful, Lily Day Cafe has set up shop at 52nd and Foster.  Now we can add the Angry Unicorn food cart and (eventually) Starday Tavern to the mix.  One nets us another burger spot, the other changes the face of Foster’s bar scene by taking over the Bob and Alice’s space.  Let this be your friendly reminder to support local business.

– We look forward to the day that the Portland Mercado makes the above list.  Hopefully that day is sooner than later, but a lot still needs to happen to make the site at 72nd and Foster ready for the public market.  To stay up to date on that project’s progress, you can follow their blog here:  http://portlandmercado.com/

– For the meeting-goers out there, the next couple weeks should be exciting for you (and the neighborhood, too!).  On Wednesday, Feb 20, the Foster Green EcoDistrict will be holding their second community workshop to discuss enhancing Laurelwood Park.  This will take place at Bar Carlo, from 6pm – 7:30.  The next day, Feb 21, the Foster Streetscape Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC) will be meeting to discuss the next steps in the process of making Foster safer, more livable, and perhaps a little more beautiful.  For a little more information on this, check out Nick Falbo’s article at Foster United.  Finally, the following week, on Feb 28, the PDC and FLIP will be hosting their third Foster Corridor Investment Strategy open house.  I know…it’s a lot of links and a lot to keep track of.  But if you get involved, you have a chance to help influence how Foster Road grows and develops over time.

– There’s a lot happening this weekend on Foster.  The BobWhite is hosting the Winter Blues Music Fest, and Foster Art Night takes over on Saturday.  What does that mean?  It means you can do the Foster boogie at the bar of your choice, with a local artist making the walls beautiful and, depending where you’re at, most likely catch some live music.  Not that you needed an excuse, but Slingshot, Torta, Gemini, and O’Malley’s all participate.  The fun doesn’t have stop there, though.  You can check out the Foster Salon (above Bob and Alice’s), too, or find your own adventure at the cart pod or any other fine Foster establishment.  As always, you can check out Foster United’s event listing for more goings-on.

– What stands out as something uniquely Foster that you like?  For me, the following call to action from Red Castle Games takes the cake:  “Come in at 6PM and find the Midweek Militia ready and waiting to guide you through the perils of Pathfinder.”  Serious, this place just gets radder and radder.

Happy weekend, FoPo.  Be cool, be safe.

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