Out With the Old, In With the New: Bob and Alice’s to Make Way for Starday Tavern

After being on the market for several months, it appears that Bob and Alice’s has finally found a buyer.

IMG_1598Famed for chicken gizzards, cheap drinks and, well, being the divey-est bar in Foster’s 2.5-block Barmuda Triangle, Bob and Alice’s certainly served a purpose…especially as craft beer, cocktails, hip kids, live music and art have begun to predominate the local bar scene.  Think Foster for a previous generation…or, Foster for the current generation who appreciates cheap drinks; outdated and tacky, yet refreshingly unpretentious decor; and a cast of characters that makes the occasional oxygen tank sighting more likely than you’d think.  Writing this almost makes me miss it more.

Well, they’re not gone yet.  But after several months of trying to sell, and a couple armed robberies in the bag, it appears the end is near.

Fear not, though, thirsty FoPo denizens, for we shall maintain our current two bars per block ratio.  In Bob and Alice’s place?  Starday Tavern, the newest venture from the folks behind Duff’s Garage.

For those who don’t know Duff’s, they have a unique rockabilly/country/60’s surf/Americana vibe, with an emphasis on good, live music.  We don’t know if they intend to bring a similar scene to Starday, but presumed owner, Jon Wallace, did reveal some of the changes we can expect:

– First, expect a paint job.  The goal is to make the place a little less gaudy.
– Next, a small stage will be built for the occasional band; duos and trios.
– Lottery machines?  They’re staying, but moving to the back to make room for more seating up front.
– As for the food?  The menu’s going to change, but what it will look like is unknown at this point.

This all sounds good to me.  What’s more…the liquor license application states security cameras will be installed, so perhaps the armed robberies will just be a thing of the past.  More importantly, though, it looks like the place should have some character, which makes losing Bob and Alice’s a little easier to stomach.  We’ll keep you posted on when we can officially welcome Starday to Foster.

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8 Responses to Out With the Old, In With the New: Bob and Alice’s to Make Way for Starday Tavern

  1. Ben Waterhouse says:

    Include some Reel M ‘Inn style fried chicken and Jo-jos and I’ll be there every night.

  2. Although I am sorry to lose another Foster Road business, I am excited to hear that Duff’s owner is bringing us a new venue for music. I have been to Duff’s to listen to a number of bands and always enjoyed myself. If the new space has any of the same vibes, they should be a great fit for Foster.

  3. Seasons K says:

    This is great news!
    I will say I prefer the name Barvana for our little pocket of bars, Portland already has a barmuda triangle.

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