Fill This Space (please!)

Foster SquareWanted:  Neighborhood Grocery Store

…or anything other than the following:

– 13,500 sq. ft. of empty storefront
– large swath of unused asphalt
– short-cut from SE 67th to Foster
– the world’s largest Dutch Bros parking lot
– strip club, tire shop, sketchy front for mob activity, or another gun shop

Ideally, this eventually becomes the neighborhood’s next (and first) local, fresh, and healthy grocery store.  Of course, our wants are not exorbitant on Foster, so any of the following will do as well: bakery, restaurant(s), other neighborhood serving retail that may bring jobs, and/or a complete remodel that reflects post car-centric era and provides a mix of uses.

Foster Square MapAlong with the BobWhite Theatre, this lot represents one of the few potentially transformative spaces on Foster—a space that could draw shoppers, bikers, pedestrians, etc.  Unfortunately, the vacant Phoenix Pharmacy building represents one of the others.  Question, though:  could this space draw a tenant that would serve the needs of the neighborhood?

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2 Responses to Fill This Space (please!)

  1. charliebrush says:

    New Seasons! I’ve been hearing a rumor for a while that a New Seasons may be moving in to this space. If there are any New Seasons Management or Execs reading this, do you care to comment on this topic? 🙂

  2. says:

    Please…please just a nice small market.

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