FoPo, the Land of Liberty

FoPo Statue of LibertyLet’s pretend, shall we, that this young gentleman is not advertising a nearby tax service.   Why, whatever could he be doing then other than welcoming folks to the neighborhood?

A)  Letting folks know that the Foster area is a bastion of freedom?

B)  Referring to the graciousness that our scrap metal collectors exhibit when liberating your yard from anything that’s not tied down?

C)  Sharing the perception that drivers from the east have of themselves (and Foster for that matter) as they zoom through the neighborhood?

D)  Describing the quick efficiency in which squatters will happily take residence in vacant properties—with elaborate drug operation to ensue?

E)  Other…please share

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One Response to FoPo, the Land of Liberty

  1. How did Gregor get off his leash again?

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