Happy Weekend, FoPo!

I’m not sure what’s better:  piercing, bone-chilling cold with a bit of sun, or a slightly warmer gray with drizzle and rain.  Either way, Foster always has you covered, both figuratively and literally.  Stay warm and dry at all your favorite spots, either with drink in hand, a shot of caffeine, or a bite to eat.  You know where to go…and probably where not to, as well.

Here are your weekend tidbits….

– Sadly, but maybe understandably, Foster got skipped over again in the ever expanding local and fresh grocery world.  Not once, but twice….in one week.  Not that we were ever in the running, but New Seasons announced a new store in the works (what, 3 new stores put in the pipeline this year?) in NW Portland, and former New Seasons CEO, Lisa Sedler, identified locations on Woodstock and N. Lombard for her first two Green Zebra Groceries.  Bummer dude!

– The above should be more motivation to support our local business district.  No, you don’t have to take your car for an oil change to the sketchy chop shop around the corner.  But you can keep some of your money in the neighborhood by getting your coffee, pizza, workout, art, burgers, tires, board games, linoleum, or self-defense classes on Foster. The more we do that, the more we can convince new businesses to set up shop in the ‘hood.

– Is the Bobwhite finally coming into its own?  While work still needs to be done inside and out, the theater’s offerings are increasing and you can usually count on some form of entertainment over the course of a week.  This weekend, the Bobwhite brings us Portland’s Rock-n-Film Fest (Friday), as well as Feral–Homelessness in Portland, a “full-length narrative play based on over 550 interviews with Portland homeless.”  Here’s the schedule for the latter.

– For more events in the Foster area, not just FoPo, check out Foster United’s events page.  They’ve put together quite the list of regular occurring events in Lents, Mt. Scott-Arleta, FoPo, and even Creston-Kenilworth and Woodstock.  Other happenings are listed there, too.  Peep ’em.

Fat Yoga makes Foster its official home next week.  In fact, they’ll be opening the doors to you all week as they introduce their new digs.  Their grand opening is Monday, but continues through the week with an open house Mon-Fri, 4-9 pm.  Get to know the owners/instructors, the new space, and a donations-only class schedule for the week.

– Finally, for those curious about radon levels in your home…apparently 97206 has a moderate risk for radon exposure.  Blame the rocky ground that makes it difficult to plant anything that requires digging more than 6 inches.  All joking aside, a recent Oregonian article explains why this is a bad problem to have.  According to the article, Portland, in particular, has pretty high rates of radon seeping from the earth, and that exposure poses fairly serious health concerns.  Sorry to burst your bubble on a Friday.  The good news is that it’s a relatively easy fix.  Damn radon.

Have a good weekend, gang.  Be cool, be safe.

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