‘Bike Portland’ Bikes Foster

Jonathan Maus, from Bike Portland, recently took a bike stroll (can you stroll on a bike?) down Foster Road to see what challenges and potential exist for our rugged and fast thoroughfare.  What he saw, and what you all see every day, is a hot mess…but a hot mess with potential.  And in his opinion, as well as that of some the article’s commenters, that potential is great….if only we had the right infrastructure.  Read for yourself here.

He’s pretty spot on.  Let’s hope the city’s refresh of the Foster Streetscape Plan hits the mark, too.

Oh, and he gives a nice shout-out to our friends at Foster United.

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2 Responses to ‘Bike Portland’ Bikes Foster

  1. amblyopic says:

    I thought he was a little harsh on Foster… but he mainly rode the segments closer to 82nd… I think that once you get west of 72nd it calms down a lot and I’m comfortable biking on that stretch… but the rest of it east is a hostile freeway wasteland, and people treat it as such…

    I can’t wait for the streetscape to get completed and tame this beast…

    • You may be right. However, relative to other bike-friendly neighborhoods in Portland, the stretch of Foster closest to 82nd is a little frightening. And even as you move away from 82nd, one’s not sure whether to brave sharing the road with cars or use the sidewalk. I’m just glad an outsider sees the potential, too, though.

      And I’m with you…can’t wait for the streetscape plan to take shape in the coming years. Let’s just hope the city gets it right.

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