Foster Strikes out Again on the Healthy Food Front

Still holding our breaths, but the wait’s going to be a tad longer.  Foster got passed over again, as former New Seasons’ CEO, Lisa Sedler, has announced the locations for her new “healthy convenience store” concept.  The Kenton neighborhood will be joining Woodstock as the first two locations, adding a twist on how healthy and fresh foods are offered in Portland.  Not that there were ever any rumors Sedler would be considering Foster, but the concept seemed to be a better fit than a larger scale grocer…something we’ve all been hoping for over the years. Although one of the first two Green Zebra Grocery stores will be fairly close—the Woodstock store will be at 49th Ave—it still leaves FoPo and Lents with a healthy/fresh/local-food void.  Bummer dude!

With that being said, we still have Portland Fruit Company and a variety of ethnic markets as an alternative to Freddy’s.  In fact, it’s the Portland Fruit Company’s smaller scale model that just might make the most sense in our neighborhood, which is why Green Zebra was somewhat appealing.  Maybe in the next round.

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4 Responses to Foster Strikes out Again on the Healthy Food Front

  1. MizVerde says:

    And New Seasons announced a new location today…nowhere near us.

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