Happy Weekend, FoPo!

The weekend crept back on us, and here we are.  This time we have a holiday at the back end, giving us three days (at least for the traditional-working-hour folk) to rest and play in the neighborhood.  The weather should be much of the same…cold, intolerable mornings followed by crisp and sunny afternoons.

Here are your weekend tidbits….

– Big reggae show at the BobWhite tonight.  Anthony B and the Born Fire Band, with Perfect Giddimani and others for all you bumbaclots out there.

– Portland Parks and Rec has approached the FoPo NA about hosting a movie night in one of our parks this summer.  The park hasn’t been determined, but it will most likely be Essex due to its size.  Nor has the board voted to spend the $600 it would require.  However, those in attendance at Monday’s meeting voted to pursue the idea, and now the NA’s taking ideas for movies.  Check out their FB page to share your suggestions.  Also, if it does get voted in and you’re a business owner, contact the NA for possible sponsorship or vending opportunities to help fund the event.

Vicious Crafts– Torta-landia’s happy hour now extends to 6 p.m., Tue-Fri.  More reason to get in there.  However, if that’s not enough, check out this craigslist posting.  That’s rad.  Oh, and speaking of Torta…the art of Sydney Lynott and her Vicious Crafts will be on display there for the next month, starting with Foster Art Night on Saturday.

– Speaking of Foster Art Night….yeah, Foster Art Night.  This Saturday.  You know the deal.  Come one, come all.  Hit up your favorite bar or coffee shop and check out the work of some local artists.  Here’s the lineup for this Saturday.

– The band “Welfare” will be performing at Gemini Lounge Saturday night to coincide with Foster Art Night.  As always, this is a free show.

– Don’t be alarmed by the people donning shovels and uniform green shirts lurking around the neighborhood this Saturday.  It’s just Friends of Trees doing their annual plantings in FoPo.  In fact, you should thank them and ask how you can get a tree planted next year.

Have a good weekend, FoPo.  Be safe.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    Greetings from ThoTow (Thomastown) your sister community in Ireland. I had to leave a comment on Sydney Lynott’s upcoming display. As a beneficiary of her fine work I would highly recommend taking some time to view her creative crafts. Guaranteed to be future collector items.

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