Reggae at the Bobwhite: Anthony B Comes to FoPo

Anthony B FlierCall him a “Bobo Dread.” Call him a messenger or revolutionary.  Even call him Keith Blair.  Most will know him as Anthony B, though, and he’s performing at the Bobwhite Theater this Friday, January 18.

With his conscious reggae and often political and spiritual messages, Anthony B and his band, Born Fire, will be joined by fellow Jamaican native, Perfect Giddimani, in what should be a good pairing of roots, rock, reggae, and a unique Southeast Portland aesthetic that will undoubtably embrace the rasta vibe.

Ticket prices are a bit steep, but keep in mind three things:

– It’s rare that you can see a show like this that’s not performed by some college kid from Eugene (no offense, Eugene).  And if someone’s going to find his way to FoPo from Jamaica, well, that’s impressive.

– Like it or not, we still have to support the Bobwhite Theater if we want to see it thrive.  We can’t just will it to happen.

– Anthony B has put out 52 albums to date.  Yes, 52 albums!

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2 Responses to Reggae at the Bobwhite: Anthony B Comes to FoPo

  1. Ras Danny says:

    Tix are available at Garden Spout Organics on SE 63rd off of Foster,
    and Nomads Crossing, 40th & SE Hawthorne,
    or by calling Ras Danny ~ 503-860-8647

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