Surveying the Retail and Commercial Landscape on Foster

While it may seem change happens at a snail’s pace on Foster, or not at all in some cases, it’s a marvel how much the neighborhood has changed in recent years.  Sure, New Season’s hasn’t set up shop on Foster yet; several vacant storefronts continue to wait for a tenant; and the streetscape plan won’t get a shovel in the dirt until 2014 at the earliest.  However, in the just the couple short months we were gone, we’ve seen businesses come and go.  Here are a few of the changes from the last couple months.

What we lost:

RIP Knuckleheadz.  They got a lot of heat for being loud and unruly, but I personally never experienced the latter.  In fact, when I did venture into the biker bar, I left with a positive experience and am kinda sad they’re gone…although I’m sure the immediate neighbors may be sleeping better now.

Sweetness Bakery and Cafe.  A neighborhood staple that not only served tasty baked goods and breakfast food, but also the location of many, many FoPo neighborhood association meetings.  The food will be missed, but fortunately we still get to see Kay in the n’hood from time to time.

What’s new or on the way:

Flotsam and Jetson.  “Vintage and modern housewares, knick knacks and useful stuff from the past, present and future.”  Check ’em out between noon and 7, Thursdays through Saturdays, at 5923 SE Foster (next to Meticon).

Fat Yoga.  Coming soon to the former Bad Apple space next to N.W.I.P.A…Yoga for all body types.  Currently offering classes in North Portland, Fat Yoga should be a nice addition to the Heart of Foster.  There is no timetable on their opening, but signage on the door indicates it’s a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’

Lily Day Cafe.  Hopefully filling the space vacated by Sweetness Bakery sooner rather than later, the Lily Day Cafe will have at least one noticeable difference: liquor.  As reported by Eater Pdx nearly a month ago, the former owners of Dots on Clinton have applied for a liquor license at the new location.  No word yet on what the new venture will entail.

Used washers and driers?  Uh, sure…or so it would appear at the very inactive space across from the Phoenix Pharmacy building at 67th and Foster.  Or maybe it’s just a staging ground for a mass-cleaning.  Who knows, but the space is no longer vacant and has slowly filled up with…yes, washers and driers.

What else is going on?

– Save a Lot is still vacant.  Construction workers have been spotted surveying the space, though.  Not sure if that’s good or bad.  I’m sure a TJ’s or New Seasons rumor will sprout from this (sorry!).

– Hacienda CDC still appears to be on track for the Portland Mercado at 72nd and Foster, though no news has emerged as of late.

– Da Hui has renovated their space a little…check ’em out.

– In non alcohol-related ventures, Red Castle Games continues to draw the most foot traffic to the Heart of Foster.  Kudos to them!

– In the drinking/eating world, N.W.I.P.A. has grown their beer options and have some seriously (I mean, seriously) good sandwiches.  That’s not necessarily new, but worth mentioning.

– Finally, there are still a lot of vacant storefronts on Foster.  We can all hope that our dream retailers, restauranteurs, publicans, and grocers set up shop in the neighborhood, but some of that is up to us.  Let’s not forget to support local businesses when they’re worth supporting.  Also, there’s nothing that says we can’t start our own businesses where the voids exist.   Let the brainstorm begin…all we need are ideas and a little capital.

If you’re aware of others businesses that we forgot to mention, or know of more on their way, please share.

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2 Responses to Surveying the Retail and Commercial Landscape on Foster

  1. erika says:

    Don’t forget for your fortune cookie needs and have custom ones made at K&B Bakery. Yes, that’s right make your own silly fortunes to entertain your friends. 63rd and Foster Road. They also make really good almond cookies.

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