Stay Connected

Hey gang…

While we’re rethinking how this blog fits into the context of other neighborhood communications, news, events, happenings, and development, we do want to make sure you’re staying connected and informed of the various goings-on in the area.  We know —trust me, we really know— that it’s tough to go to neighborhood association meetings, visit all the businesses, and scour the internet for FoPo-related happenings.  But we also know that you all enjoy staying in the know…and why not, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening.  So while we’re taking our much needed break and figuring out how to rebirth this blog, please consider checking out the following for area news and info:

–  Before you go check the site out and get disappointed, I’ll warn you first: the FoPo Neighborhood Association site is sorely outdated.  In fact, unless  you want to know who sits on the NA board and what their titles are, there isn’t a ton of current information.  However, there is a history of the neighborhood and a link to buy Foster-Powell tee-shirts.  Also, the good folks with the NA are currently working on boosting their online presence, and with that will soon come a more up to date website with local news, happenings, and resources.

–  While not specific to FoPo, this site covers a lot of the action going on up and down the whole Foster Corridor.  So, if you’re interested in Lents and Mt. Scott-Arleta, too, this is the place to go.  Also, with the update of the Foster Streetscape Plan in progress, these guys will have you covered with all relevant information.

–  The Mt. Scott-Arleta NA is a busy bunch, and they’ve been pretty active in promoting their own claim to Foster Road and its environs.  Even though we like to view the western stretch of Foster as one congruous neighborhood, what happens south of Foster is the Arletans’ territory.  By the way, anyone interested in just adopting a singular name for the area?  Most associate Foster Road with FoPo as is, but if that rubs people the wrong way, how about Arleta?  Foster-Arleta?  Anyone?

– Facebook:  I won’t personally condone this (call me a luddite), but if you must…Facebook is a good way for some of our local businesses to promote themselves and advertise.  You’ll have to find them, though, as I’m too lazy to post links.

Also, please feel free to continue using this site to leave comments, communicate with each other, etc.  Someday, hopefully, maybe, we’ll return.  Until then…be cool.

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3 Responses to Stay Connected

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    Hurry back!!

  2. Mateo says:

    I miss this blog, you were the best place for breaking FoPo news. Hope to see you back online soon!

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks, guys. It’s much appreciated.

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