Rethinking FosterPowellPDX

Foster-Powell is rad.  Plain and simple.

Whether you call it FoPo, Felony Flats, or get it confused with Mt. Scott-Arleta —because, well, FoPo just happened to be the dominant brand name for this stretch of Foster for so long— it’s still a good place to be.

And you know what?  The surrounding neighborhoods are equally as cool (if I’m not being biased, that is), and there’s a ton of positive energy up and down Foster right now.  As some of that energy pours out in the form of more neighborhood blogs (check out our friends at, active neighborhood associations, and increased collaboration between neighborhood groups, the need for FosterPowellPDX wanes a little…or at least changes.

Until recently, FosterPowellPDX served as one of the few online venues for neighborhood residents to get local news, learn of goings-on in the ‘hood, and rant about such things as unsafe walking conditions, abandoned properties, meth, and loud motorcycles.  That’s not the case now, and the Foster area as a whole is being well represented with some of the groups mentioned above, as well as the extra attention we are now receiving from the city, the Oregonian, and other publications.  With all that in mind, we’re going to reevaluate how FosterPowellPDX fits into the context of what’s going on locally.  We want to promote the neighborhood as best we can, but we also want to leave room for the business and neighborhood associations to do likewise.  We also want to acknowledge the western stretch of the Foster corridor as one distinct commercial corridor, not two neighborhoods sharing the same business district (come on, we’re not really going to say Bar Carlo is in one neighborhood while Red Castle Games is in another…right?).  So by pushing FoPo as a brand, we’d like to do so in a way that’s more encompassing and less divisive….or maybe not.  Maybe we’ll become even more hyperlocal.  Who knows?  But while we figure that out, please be patient with us — we won’t be posting much in the near future, but hope to reemerge with a new and fresh focus that compliments all the other groups working hard to make the Foster area as rad as it can be.

In the meantime, please feel free to leave comments or contact us directly with thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or simply to say: “Eff off, and don’t come back.”  We will, though, so maybe just be nice.

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12 Responses to Rethinking FosterPowellPDX

  1. says:

    I hope your time away is helpful and relaxing. I really appreciate your work on this blog/website. I check in almost everyday and you guys always have the latest news and inside scoop on the hood. I live at 56th and Holgate, technically Woodstock, but Foster is where I spend my days. Best wishes, and I hope you guys can find out who bought the Sav-A-lot.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. The positive feedback and reader participation is what’s kept us going all along. Perhaps we’ll be back sooner than later.

      Keep the suggestions/ideas coming…

  2. Tony Lynott says:

    The author of that piece should be applauded……….what an advocate!! Suggestion………consideration should be given to FoPo adopting the S. F. Giants as its official baseball team.

  3. jlg says:

    I hope that my opinion is shared by many – this blog has really been instrumental in moving this neighborhood forward. it is my “go-to” place to find out what is going on in our n-hood and what the n-hood pulse is. I know it is tremendous work and effort – and that there are probably detractors (seriously? no way……). Sadly, our neighborhood association information is difficult to get – with a website that isn’t maintained etc. to keep up on current issues/association business. I appreciate this blog and all the work that has happened – it has not gone unnoticed. Looking forward to the next chapter……………and will stay tuned. Thanks for being the voice of the neighborhood.

  4. sara says:

    F-off, DON’T GO! I really don’t think you need to go away while you figure this all out. The blog is a total asset to the neighborhood, both FoPo and it’s neighbors. Please keep on keepin’ on while you mediate the obvious quarrel. We need connectors. To lose you is a detriment to all.

  5. Thanks so much for your great Friday posts. I will miss you.

  6. Thanks so much for your Friday posts. I will miss you.

  7. You guys are all swell. It’s been an honor to have your viewership, and hopefully we’ll have as good –or better– a run when we return.

    If anybody is interested in sharing stories, news, poems, etc, in the future, please let me know. And as always, keep ideas and suggestions coming.

    Cheers, good people.

  8. Lana Aburto says:

    I am a small start up business and your articles certainly have been steering me to look at the FOPO area. I think you do a great job balancing addressing issues and concerns with cheering for the people who make the area better. Keep em coming!

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