Another Walk on Foster Designed to Promote Safe Pedestrian Use

Join your neighbors and the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition tomorrow (Tuesday) as they walk on Foster and honor those who have been victims of the unsafe walking conditions in our neighborhood.  As part of Walktober — the three-week event meant to promote safe, healthy and fun walking– the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition has organized a Walk of Remembrance on Foster Road and parts of SE 82nd.  Coinciding with the Walktober event, and paying tribute to those who have been killed while crossing said streets, the Walk of Remembrance will draw much needed attention to the Foster Corridor, especially amidst PBOT’s current process of updating the streetscape plan.  The Walk of Remembrance will start at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday (10/23) morning, at Laurelwood Park (Holgate and Foster).  After gathering at the park, the walk will proceed down Foster toward SE 82nd, stopping at various points to mark where lives have been lost along the busy stretch of road.  While the timing of this event makes it tough for most to attend, please consider doing so if you are able.

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One Response to Another Walk on Foster Designed to Promote Safe Pedestrian Use

  1. greg says:

    Part of an email from the Mayor’s office:

    Today I’m pleased to announce that we will be installing four new rapid flash beacon crosswalks along the section of SE Foster Road between 50th and 82nd Avenues. These types of crossings feature large signage and flash bright orange LED lights when the cross button is pushed, alerting drivers that a pedestrian is entering the road and making them more visible, especially at night.

    While funding for improvements on Foster wasn’t scheduled to be available until 2014, I directed staff to move up the installation schedule, because the City cannot stand by and wait while Portlanders are endangered by these busy corridors that lack adequate safety infrastructure. Thanks to a generous loan from the Portland Development Commission, the first new rapid flash beacon crosswalk will be under construction by the end of this year, with three more coming online in the spring of 2013.
    Thank you,
    Sam Adams
    Portland Mayor

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