Goings-on in the ‘Hood…Happy Weekend, FoPo

Ok, it is decidedly Fall and the shift has been obvious.  I’m probably speaking for myself, but the wet, gray, and early evenings has been somewhat refreshing.  Halloween is lurking, and so too is the hunkering down with darker beers, movies, and higher heating bills.  Anybody have good, hardy soup recipes they want to share?

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Horrorprom or Tom Waits?  Tough, isn’t it?  Well, the choice is yours this Saturday night.  Gemini Lounge will be hosting their Prom-O-Ween with blood, guts, and corsages, while Torta-landia will be paying tribute to Tom Waits with live music from Ike David.

– Feast for Southeast has placed donation boxes at Pieper Cafe, Torta-landia, and Bar Carlo, for their “Project Warmth.”  Not only are they feeding the hungry for Thanksgiving, but they’re keeping people warm, too.  Drop off any extra hats, gloves, socks, or scarves at any of the above locations.

– What happened to the incomplete mural at O’Malley’s?  The year-long wait for Chris Haberman to complete his piece has turned a corner, sort of.  He’ll either have to start over, or someone else will take claim…because it’s been painted over, presumably by O’Malley’s.  We’ll see what takes its place.

– Despite its firm grasp on the breakfast and brunch scene, Bar Carlo keeps evolving in its evening format.  First there were movies, then there was craft night.  We’ve seen the occasional weekend party, too.  Video games? Check.  Then the FoPo NA began holding their meetings there.  Now you can get your zombie on before watching Walking Dead Sunday evenings.  The Zombies board game will be open for up to 12 people to play prior to airing.  Game starts at 6 p.m.  Oh, and Big Gay Mondays are back with Rupaul’s Drag Race airing, too.

– Foster Road will be the site of Walktober’s Walk of Remembrance this Tuesday, 10/23.  The three-week event, Walktober, is organized by the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, and is designed to promote more and safer walking with “three weeks of fun on foot.”  The Walk of Remembrance is just one part of Walktober, and is meant to bring attention to some of the safety issues on Foster and SE 82nd.  The walk will begin at 10 a.m. at Laurelwood Park, and proceed toward SE 82nd.

– October’s Foster Art Night is this Saturday!

– Just for shits and giggles…one of the men behind the armed robbery at Gator’s Bar and Grill apparently shot himself in the leg while evading police.  Karma, I suppose.

Happy weekend, y’all.  Be cool.

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