Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster

A Friday off.  Escape from the rain at Pieper Cafe.  Coffee in hand.  Life’s good on this side of the computer…hopefully your weekends all get off to equally nice starts.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Brave the rain, hop on your bikes, and get to know some of your neighbors.  The “East of 60th Bike Ride” is tonight, with a 6:30 p.m. start at Kern Park.  Work your way with ride organizers through Foster area neighborhoods, capping off the wet excursion at Cartlanddia’s beer garden.

– For those following along with the Wikman-Arleta Building project’s bid to acquire the former Arleta Library space from the County, here are last week’s steering committee meeting notes.  The next step is to present plans to the County, and then….cross their fingers.

– Gemini Lounge keeps the live music coming.  Funk/jazz/soul from Mother Shrew this Saturday night.

– Volunteer opportunity for a good cause: Feast for Southeast, the annual Thanksgiving event that feeds hundreds of people at Mt. Scott Community Center, is gearing up for its biggest turkey day dinner yet.  This is a community-driven event, and, as such, needs help from…you.  In addition to helping at the event, there is a need for getting the word out.  Part of this will be done by canvassing the neighborhood business districts, such as SE Foster, SE 72nd, and Woodstock.  The first neighborhood canvassing will be next Saturday morning, with a 9:30 meetup at Pieper Cafe.  If you’re interested, please visit the Feast4Southeast site.

– The Flyin’ Hawaiian will be making its return to Carts on Foster in November.  After a stint at the Green Castle cart pod, the Hawaiian food cart will return to FoPo, joining what’s become an nice collection of dining and drinking options.  Remember, the Egg Carton is already there; as is sandwich and soup spot, the Last Word; Roadrunner BBQ; long-time mainstay and unique pairing of Mexican and Mediterranean, El Sultan; Sanjais’ yakisoba; Press and Grind Coffee; and then there’s the Pod Bar, which provides beer, a dry space, and sausages.

– Please check out this Facebook page:  FoPo Lost Pet Alert.  Even if you’re not a pet owner, you can help your neighbors out a lot by keeping track of lost, furry companions in the neighborhood.  Seriously, this is a huge service to the ‘hood.

– Finally, after a lot of thought and second-guessing, I figured I’d sneak this in at the very end…mostly to avoid some sensational rumor-mongering and a serious blow to my credibity (if I had any to begin with).  This is nowhere near substantiated, so take it for what it’s worth:  a customer at Pieper just said the Save A Lot building was purchased.  After a serious quizzing, almost to the point of harassment, I only learned that they heard of a purchase and had no other details.  However, they did feel pretty confident in the news they were sharing.  Again, this could be totally fabricated.  And even if not, you never know who could be in the market for a somewhat dilapidated building sitting next to piles of rock, bark and stinky compost…in other words, don’t get too excited yet, as we could end up with something worse.

On that note, happy weekend!

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6 Responses to Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’ve heard that rumor too, from another friend in the ‘hood. Not confirmed, no further info to share.

  2. kurtwsommer@gmail.com says:

    Wow, that’s big news! Or at least big rumor news.
    Top 5 Wish List
    1) New Seasons/ Community Market
    2) Headquarters for a small business
    3) Patagonia Outlet Store
    4) Outdoor Gear/ Adventure Store
    5) Paint Ball Arena

    • That’s a pretty good list. If I were to add:

      Yes, please on number 1.
      Business space would be nice. Anything that would get jobs and more people working and walking on Foster.
      If the space eventually gets replaced or renovated for retail purposes, perhaps some mixed-use/residential component could be included. Also, parking should be in back.

  3. Scott says:

    I’m hoping for a nice gym like 24 Hr Fitness.

  4. OPEN STUDIO AND ART SALE (Foster Art Night)
    Saturday noon to 8:30 pm
    5730 SE Boise St (one block south of Foster, use entrance on 58th)
    Painting by PAZ

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