Following the Lead: Creating our own Neighborhood Market

According to the Oregonian’s Steve Beaven, Brooklyn neighborhood resident, Rebecca Andersen, is trying to raise funds to transform a once home-based food buyers club into a brick and mortar market.  Andersen now runs the food buyers club out of her cafe on Milwaukie Avenue, and is using Kickstarter to raise funds to expand the current space into a neighborhood-serving market.

So while this is not necessarily FoPo-related, it does present an interesting case for our neighborhood, where residents have long clamored over the idea of getting a healthy grocer.  Lents already has a food buyers club, and there are several other successful models across the city.  To see the model go one step further and develop into a neighborhood market is somewhat inspiring.  Are we taking the wrong approach by simply crossing our fingers a larger supermarket chain takes interest in our neighborhood?  If there are local investors and/or residents with expertise in the grocery or co-op industry, perhaps we should be creating our own opportunities.

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