Community Garden Proposed for Vacant ODOT Land

The idea’s been pitched before.  The motivation and will has been there; property, too.  But now, after more than a year of putting together plans and working with city and state officials, a plan for community garden space is finally being heard and considered by the owners of a vacant lot on SE 62nd, just south of Powell.

The owners?  The Oregon Department of Transportation.

And according to the neighborhood residents behind the plan, the concrete pad that currently rests there has enough room for 16 – 20 raised beds, as well as hedging for defined borders along the parcel of land.  Rumor has it that a gas station once sat there.  And thus, the concrete pad now serves as a container of sorts.  With that being the case, ODOT has informed the planners that any plans must keep the lot paved.  However, raised beds are a simple solution, and the planners also have designs for a fixed fence and a rock and succulent garden to replace the weeds.  The one glaring need, however, is water.  So if anybody has ideas to remedy that, please feel free to share.

ODOT will be meeting with the residents behind the plan this Friday.  With a more defined idea of what can and can’t work on the site, the proposal will be tweaked and again brought to the neighborhood association for review and feedback.

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2 Responses to Community Garden Proposed for Vacant ODOT Land

  1. Kristin says:

    With the requirement that the lot stays paved, it seems like a great opportunity to design an accessible community garden… there must be groups that would consider cooperating on a project like that…

  2. Kate says:

    Is this a hazmat site? Check that… lots of old gas station sites are

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