New Business on the Way

Well, you can scratch two more vacant storefronts off the list…at least for the time being. Foster Road is getting a home-brewing supply shop, as well as a Karate studio.

Above the Rest Homebrewing appears to be setting up shop on the NW corner of 80th and Foster, right across the street from Fred Meyer.  Further down (or up) Foster, in the former Highway 420 space (between SE 64th and 65th), a Karate studio is taking shape…or at least announcing its future home.  The Karate space will be on the other end of the retail strip that houses Red Castle Games (I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be called Cobra Kai).

So there you have it…

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4 Responses to New Business on the Way

  1. mrhonz says:

    Kudos to Cobra Kai, hopefully the studio doesn’t promote that attitude though. 😛

  2. MizVerde says:

    And Sleep World just appeared as if from nowhere…

  3. Jeff says:

    Oh, man… a homebrew shop on Foster? Dangerous! (For me, that is… I’m already such a brewing addict.)

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