Goings-on in and Around FoPo

The golden hue and warm, but cooling winds are hinting at a transition into Fall.  It’s a nice time of the year…if only there were a pause button to be hit.  In honor of Foster Art Night, we leave you with the following….

And now on to your weekend tidbits…

Foster Art Night will be a little different this Saturday.  Much of the lineup remains the same, but a new addition makes the list…and it’ll probably be worth your while to check it out.  Now, cappping off the evening and to celebrate the opening of Lents’ newest old bar, Eagle Eye (formerly Riley’s), as well as Foster United’s leap into the blogosphere, the evening jaunt down Foster will now cross into the Lents Town Center for an after party.  All the regulars still exist, and we expect to see you doing the Foster Boogie from the cart pod and Slingshot on east, with a stop at the Foster Road Salon along the way.

– Already claiming a spot on the FAN lineup, a stop at Gemini Lounge will be even more warranted Saturday, as they’ll be celebrating their second first birthday.  There was an inadvertent celebration last week, but this weekend’s party is more promoted and coincides with Foster Art Night.  Rebel Radio performs, and in honor of turning one, $1.00 will be taken off all food items, cocktails, and microwbrews; pints of Olympia will go for $1.00, as well.

– Farewell to Bad Apple.  If they haven’t already, they’ll be soon vacating the space next to N.W.I.P.A., leaving yet another empty storefront behind them.  Bad Apple was, in my opinion, pretty underrated as a shop on Foster.  Odd hours, yes.  Odd knick knacks and VHS movies, yes.  But it’s just the kind of quirky book and movie store every neighborhood should have.  On the other hand, if anybody’s interested in opening a business, the space will rent for $800-900.

– Speaking of empty storefronts…rumor has it the former tatoo parlor, but most recently a consignment/used goods store, on 67th and Foster will be vacant no more.  I’ve heard a woman intends to open a bakery in the corner space of the building.

– Don’t forget to apply for a Neighborhood Small Grant if you have a community-building project in mind.  Southeast Uplift is hosting a workshop this Saturday to assist you in putting together an application.

– Apparently help will be on the way in dealing with vacant properties and the problems they sometimes pose to neighborhoods.  FoPo and the surrounding Foster area neighborhoods certainly have their fair share of vacant properties, and I’m sure we’ve all become accustomed to the squatters, wild growth of weeds, and general eye sore that often comes with them.  The city will soon be rolling out a new program to make the owners of these properties more accountable.

– If you know of something going on in the neighborhood, whether news, events, or otherwise, please feel free to let us know.

Have a good weekend, y’all.  Be cool.

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3 Responses to Goings-on in and Around FoPo

  1. Messy says:

    New progam link for vacant properties does not go to correct page. Goes to Neighborhood small grant’s page instead.

  2. Hi Neighbors,
    Lansing Linoleum Company (73rd and SE Foster) will be hosting two DIY seminars for Fun on Foster. First is the Intro to Wood Refinishing by Brenda Palmer from Performa Floor to be held Saturday, September 29th at 11am. Brenda knows her wood floors and can supply all the materials and equipment you need to do your own refinishing. At 1PM on Saturday, Kathleen from Lansing Linoleum will give a presentation on no-glue sheet vinyls. Our new 12′ wide flooring choices are a great alternative to those ugly “peel and stick tiles”. Pre-registration in encouraged. 503-777-3333. Come and see us, just for FUN!

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